Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Grammy Camp

This year for the first time Sandie came up with an idea to have a few grand kids over at a time for  "Grammy Camp." She had all sorts of activities, snacks, and movies planned for a good solid 24 hours. This happened back in July and my kids still bring it up every few weeks. Especially Jovie who adores her Grandparents and loves special one on one time with them. She asks me every few days to do another Grammy camp.

Jovie was up first. She and Trent got to have their own special day. They saw a movie, got frozen yogurt, did a slip and slide as well as a few other activities with Grammy at her house. She loved every moment of it.

A few weeks later it was Peyton's turn along with Brinley and Delanie. They did the same, plus had a fancy tea party, tie-dyed shirts and made chocolate candy. Grammy said it was nice to have a few of the kids over at a time who could do similar activities together.
Jovie and my parents at her "Nana Camp" that we kind of forced upon them, bless their souls for being such good sports. They took her to Benihana for my mom's belated birthday dinner.

This day was pretty awesome for Wes and me too since my parents took Jovie for most of the day so we had a fun day together (along with Griffin). We did some shopping, ate, and watched a movie.

I am truly hoping Grammy camp catches on and becomes a tradition. Because we ALL loved it!

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