Friday, October 21, 2016

Bunch of Filthy Animals

Wes got to tag along as a chaperone to Peyt's latest field trip at the Wild Animal Safari Park. She was pretty thrilled he got to go along, but not enough to want to sit by him on the bus (she wanted to sit by her friend Liliana). Lil' buster. Honestly I don't think Wes was too upset by it as I can imagine him sitting alone quietly watching NBA (or other sport) highlights or maybe playing Pokemon Go! Probably the later. Remember the obsession.

He did get to be her chaperone (obviously) and only had to be over 3 other kids. Easy. And they didn't even have to stay together as a large class so he said it was a fast, fun day.

The only thing I said he had to do was take some photos. Which he did. If you can count a bunch of goat selfies as photos of the field trip. (Don't tell him, but goat selfies and the like are the reason I really really like him).

 Her whole class

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