Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bubble Run

Girls Weekend 2017 found us in San Diego for a fun bubble run.
 Sweet Hayley (who wasn't sure she could get work off for the night) stayed with Griffin for me during the run. I of course fell during the race and scraped up my leg big time... which is so fitting for me. But it was one of the more fun races I've ever done.

We spent just one night away, but it was a fun night. We ate, we told stories, we drank a lot of polar pops. Griffin stowed away for the trip, but he was fun to have around.

We woke up, ate more, got our nails done and headed back.... through traffic. Here's to another fun year with the "Todd" girls.

But coming home to my family is always fabulous too. Especially when you get the cutest hand written notes from the girls saying how much they missed you.

Check out the cute pictures, they laid the pumpkins next to it and put flowers all around it.
Peyton's was so sweet. Her front had this on it. Notice the rain and dark clouds, and sad faces.
 The back we are reunited and happy with rainbows on it.
I am a lucky Mama!!!

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