Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Night

On my dad's actual birthday, the 25th, we had my parents over for dinner and then headed to the pumpkin patch for the night. The idea was to go as a family (Wes and Peyton couldn't join us the first time) and my parents (more like my mom) wanted to go with us too and it just so happened to work out on his birthday. For the last 2 years Peyt has really wanted to do the zip line there but has been too small. This was for sure the year and we were so excited. But once we got there the line was over an hour long so we promised her we would return a different day to do it because there was no way we were waiting that long. In fact allllll the lines were ridiculous, in the middle of the week. Dang crowded California. Well come to find out we went on the only day they offer wristbands for all the rides. No wonder it was crazy. But, we still enjoyed ourselves and had a nice night walking around.

 my little actress

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