Monday, October 10, 2016

Papa Turns 70

It's crazy to me that Wes' dad just turned 70 (honestly, he seems so much younger). Papa loves babies. He is the one you hand your infant to when you need to do something else, because he LOVES to have a baby sleep on him and will stay in the same place for hours while they sleep. He always has the TV on and is either watching sports (it's really almost always basketball, or golf, with an occasional other sport thrown in) or a TBS/TNT action movie (think The Mummy, Sahara--- I asked Wes for other movies he could think of while I wrote this and he said the exact same two I already wrote so I think I'll leave it there as it obviously demonstrates my point). He loves chocolate and golf and I think almost every birthday all gifts come in with those 2 themes. He is a good man and a very loving father who has the kindest things to say of his children and always offers lots of support.

We were lucky to celebrate with him!

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