Saturday, September 3, 2016

NAMM Family Party

We had the opportunity to attend my mom's work party again this summer (August) for the last time (she is done working full-time for this company so sadly I don't think we will be going back in years to come), which is a real bummer because they put on a great party. NAMM stands for North American mumble jumble (because I really don't remember what it stands for).

This is the 3rd time we've gone to her party and it never disappoints. There are games to play the entire time (like BINGO, limbo, water balloon tosses), all you can eat food, water activities and swimming (kayaks, stand up paddle boarding, canoes), fancy hair station, birds, bikes, jumpers, huge slides. I mean if that doesn't sound like a good time I don't know what would. My kids have their cousins and places to play so they are in what would be literally their heaven. 

Wes and I tied for 2nd in the water balloon toss. The kids (and my mom and Heidi) were runner ups in a fun water game. It was kind of unfair being their team was like 8 kids and 2 adults and the other team was 1 kid and 7 adults. Asher was the champion limbo-er for the 2nd time in a row. And I tied for 1st (with a baby strapped to me) in the adult limbo contest. Though I don't know how fair that was, and I am thinking people were just feeling bad. To be fair I did make it through the first few rounds fair and square and people were falling left and right. The whole thing was super funny. I was just hoping to place at all to win a prize for Peyton since Jovie was given a prize during the limbo contest for the 2nd time in a row, simply for being so cute and little and participating. 

But, we went out having a blast! Thanks Mama!

Jovie (my animal girl) liked this. Peyton would NOT even try it. SMH
 Our prizes after the water balloon popped on me.
 Check out those teams
 But still happy with their prizes
 Snow cones
 And incredible views
 How low can you go?
 Same MC as last year. He LOVED Jovie (or Sophie as he called her after asking her name)
 How the champion does it
 With their prizes
 My limbo glory
 Fun balloon hats
 Hangin on the beach with Nana, trying not to get burnt

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