Friday, October 21, 2016

6 months

October 21 my baby turned 6 months! Time is a thief I tell ya, and I am not one bit pleased. Though if I am to be completely honest, he is the most fun. He is still such a baby in that he cuddles and sleeps on me. But, he also holds his head up, rolls all around, pounds his arms up and down on himself, and squeaks and talks, all which I love. But knowing how fast each year goes makes me so sad that his first is halfway done. I am not ready for him to grow up. He has the funniest scream when he is happy; and also when he is mad that food is not coming fast enough. This month he is a reacher, and nothing is safe within his grasp. Rice cereal still makes him scrunch up his face, and he definitely prefers my milk to all else. He can sit up for brief periods of time before toppling over.  He babbles ma-ma-ma-ma, I am sure it's 'cuz he loves me so much although all the books and Wes say it's because he is simply learning sounds. He either sleeps 9-5, or wakes up 3 times each night. I never know what kind of night it will be. Although he is a super napper, and goes to sleep easily even if he was just wide awake. He LOVES to play in his exer-saucer too. On the morning of his 6 month birthday his first tooth popped through, and the second shortly popped through afterward. He is a trooper with our schedule and is super easy going. So to summarize: he's kinda the coolest kid around.

I lucked out and got this cute video demonstrating his cute little arm pound.

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