Friday, October 28, 2016

Father and Son

Wes is quite honestly one of the best, helpful, attentive and loving father's I've ever been blessed to witness. He is the best "girl" dad, and I can say he is the best "boy" dad too. I love this man. I love this boy. And I just LOVE watching them together.

Last Effort

So, since we didn't do the zip line on the last trip, we made one last visit to the pumpkin patch in a last effort to go on that dang thing. We picked Peyton up from school and headed straight there in an attempt to beat the crowds. We got there around 3:30, and were lucky it was not crowded. BUT, they didn't open the zip line until 4:30/5. Ay yi yi. So we used the few tickets we bought, checked out the animals, walked around a little more (again) and I got in line to make sure we were the first ones to go once it did open. I am sure the workers hated me because I kept checking in and asking when it would open, or saw if they could call the guy in charge so he might come closer to 4:30 than 5. But, when he did get there around 4:40 we were there, waiting and ready. And she was so cute, it was all worth it. She stepped right off the edge and did it without hesitation. Even though later she admitted she was sure she was going to plunge to her death, which made it all the more impressive she did it so readily.

So I of course took a  million pictures while we waited and roamed.
 We also did the swings while we waited for the zip line to open, and it was a hit. I am so glad they were lax on their height requirement with this because technically Jovie was too short, but she really, really wanted to go on it. And she loved it. They both did.
 Since Jovie and I had already done the petting zoo, Wes and Peyton did this while the rest of us walked around some more.
 And of course Wes took a goat selfie... he's going to make this a thing.
 Hey and would you look at that, the actual pumpkin patch.
 And yet another performance by this girl.
 Ok, here we go!!!
 After the pumpkin patch we headed over to Chick-Fil-A for their Harvest Night. It was pretty fun, but I am super bummed my kids didn't wear their costumes, because they would've won for sure.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Night

On my dad's actual birthday, the 25th, we had my parents over for dinner and then headed to the pumpkin patch for the night. The idea was to go as a family (Wes and Peyton couldn't join us the first time) and my parents (more like my mom) wanted to go with us too and it just so happened to work out on his birthday. For the last 2 years Peyt has really wanted to do the zip line there but has been too small. This was for sure the year and we were so excited. But once we got there the line was over an hour long so we promised her we would return a different day to do it because there was no way we were waiting that long. In fact allllll the lines were ridiculous, in the middle of the week. Dang crowded California. Well come to find out we went on the only day they offer wristbands for all the rides. No wonder it was crazy. But, we still enjoyed ourselves and had a nice night walking around.

 my little actress

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sleepy Hollow

This was the 2nd year we have gone up to Riley's Farm for their Halloween "Sleepy Hollow" show with my family for my dad's birthday. And it was just as much fun this time around. And we were able to bring Jovie this time, which was also fun experiencing it with her for the first time. And like Peyton last time, Jovie was the one who was freaked out by the 'haunted' hay ride, which wasn't scary btw. We all participated and had a good time. And if you know my family you know we take competition pretty seriously. The event includes dinner and games. And out of the 6 games they played the Todd's came out with 5 wins. We didn't win the pumpkin carving competition, but no one really took that one too seriously.

The night began with a hayride, dinner and live music.
 Oh and of course a little frog catching outside.

Then we moved onto the dancing and games.
The first competition was pumpkin speed spitting.
Kids competition won by miss Ella Mae.

 Jovie sure was cute competing. Peyton was off carving the pumpkin at this point.
Adult competition won by no other than my man, Weston B.
The next game was a modified bobbing for apple. It's an apple on a string and you have one person hold it up and two others have to eat as much of it as possible in the time allotted. 2 time champions: April and Hayley (aided by Adam).
Pie eating competition.
Winner of kids competition: Carter Todd
Winner of the adult group: Ryan Hamilton (he was given such a hard time competing against the kids, though he was legally within the age limits, he opted to compete against the adults. And he won!)

It was such a fun, fabulous night.