Thursday, September 29, 2016

That's What She Said

I have been writing down funny things the kids have said since Christmas last year (in my phone). Of course I have not written down everything they have said which made me chuckle, unfortunately; but I almost lost them all when my phone wouldn't turn on last week and I wasn't sure if it had been saved, so I need to put what I have on here so as to not lose them for good.

I really wish I wrote more down because I bet almost every single day the girls both say something which gives me a good laugh (sometimes out loud and sometimes to myself when they say something inappropriate on accident and I don't want to draw attention to it). Like what you may ask? Oh perhaps when Peyton repeated, "What the hell?" after hearing it on a cartoon. Seriously people. And while it was kinda funny, people wonder why my kids aren't allowed to watch a lot of tv that other kids watch. Shows are bad nowadays. Disney drops h-e- double hockey sticks a lot.

Okay, a few (very few dang it) things they say:

Jovie (she has the most since Peyt is at school all day, so it's me and Jovie on the daily):

Her catch phrases in life right now are: "What the heck!?" Or.... "Dang it!" She says those things All. The. Time. I am not going to lie, I think it's hilarious. I can't even tell her not to because I know I say those things all the time, and it would make me a total hypocrite. But it makes me laugh almost every time she says it.

Everything affects her heart directly. Like, her heart is constantly melting at sweet things, or breaking when she is sad. Her heart tells her to do things. Or she tells me how much her heart loves me. Her heart tells her she's hungry, and her heart tells her that her tummy is happy after she's eaten. It's probably one of my favorite things she does and tells me about. Direct quote, "My heart talks to me and says my hungries go away." This one was recently after she had eaten.

She calls Griffin, "Baby Giraffe"... we are still not entirely sure why. But we like it.

When Jovie feels pretty (lip gloss, dress, etc) she walks with her hands down at her sides, wrists flat, and does long blinks and a smug little face.
Jovie out of nowhere says, "Moki is a mean boy." Wes says, "What?" So she repeats, "Moki is a mean boy." Wes, "Who is Moki" (since it is obviously a made-up name). Jovie "Oh, he's just my good friend."

One morning Jovie woke up maybe 20 minutes before Peyton's alarm. Because it was so close to wake-up time, and I didn't want her to wake up Peyton I had her jump in bed with Wes and I and I told her to close her eyes for a while. I kept feeling her kick me over and over (pretty purposely) so finally frustrated I said, "stop!" Her response, "I just wanted to touch you so I could tell you how much I love you." I couldn't decide if I was mad or completely touched.

(Last year at Christmas, which I am pretty sure just happened like 2 months ago right?!) We were listening to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and I said to Jovie, "Are you having a merry little Christmas?" She says, "No. A big one!"

Singing a song about ducks and I say "Quack, quack, quack" but Jovie (my potty mouth girl) changes the words to "butt crack crack."

Yes, she is my potty talker. One day we were driving with a few other kids and someone told on Jovie for using potty words. So I told her to stop talking icky, and does she? Nope. She simply starts whispering words into their ears. "Poopoo, peepee, butt." Oh, Jovie.

Conversation in the car (it's usually her talking and me saying uh-huh). This one: "I wish I was a mermaid. That would be so awesome huh? I would make my hair all red like Ariels." Brief pause. "I wish I could fly and be a mermaid. That would be cool right?! I wish I could be a princess. But not in my family."

She also saw a little ATV being towed by a car that had pack bags connected to the back. She was mesmerized by it and couldn't stop talking about it. Once she noticed the bags she said "You could put water bottles and bananas in there."

Whenever we drive and all around us is beautiful I point it out and we all chant "pretty part, pretty part, pretty part!" Jovie changed it to "Mommy part, mommy part, mommy part!" And decided any "icky" looking parts we would call "Jovie part."  I tried to convince her to call the pretty parts Jovie parts but she wanted no part of that. So we now chant "Mommy part or Jovie part."

Says "Pecause" instead of because. Daily occurrence. I can't tell her it's wrong I love it so much.

Jovie would do magic. She would turn you into a million different things but always end with "Turn you back into Jovie!"

Talking/pointing to Wes' freckles on his arm, "Wow, look at all your nipples!"

She has literally changed her Halloween costume 100 times... it was daily for a while. Now we go between about 5.

I went to girls camp last summer and was gone for a week. I talked to the girls a little about it once I got home and Peyton had a lot of questions. One question was how old she would be when she went. I told her 12, which was 7 more years. She then asked how old I would be when she would go. I told her I would be 37. She then says, "Ooooooo you might be dead by then huh?" I think she thought 37 was really old. 

In kindergarten she learned a little about Christopher Columbus and his ships, etc. She was trying to talk to me about it but couldn't remember his name so she referred to him as Calamabunga. 

Another funny name mistake was trying to talk about Jiminy Cricket, but referred to him as Crookity Jemin.

We caught a baby lizard in the backyard. I held it and Jovie held it but for the life of us we could not get Peyton to hold it. We couldn't figure out why. Finally as she was freaking out, crying and started running back inside she yelled "I am afraid it will poop on me!!!"
She didn't touch it. Jovie on the other hand kissed it.

Peyton loves to play tricks on us or scare us. She is constantly pointing out fake spiders. Or tricking us to look somewhere and does "Look under there...... You said underwear."

After loosing her 1st tooth I think the whole thing was a little overwhelming for her because she was laughing and had tears all at the same time. She said, "I have tears because I am just so happy." 

Today she came home from school and told me a boy names Juan whom she plays with at recess a lot told her he liked her. She said he begged her to say "I love you" to him. She did not, thank goodness. She thought the whole thing was so silly. I can't believe it's already happening.

She is the queen of facial expressions too. She could make us some good money if she would just not be so shy.

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