Sunday, September 4, 2016

Rec. Center

The Huefner Family joined us late Tuesday evening so Wednesday when we all woke up was fun chaos.

We woke up, had delicious pancakes, packed up swimming gear and headed to the Provo Rec. Center. I have never been there, but Jaime and her kids had. It was a good time folks. I would highly recommend it. There were 4 water slides (some indoors, some outdoors), a lazy river, pool, spa, diving area, and multiple play spots. It was awesome and all the kids were in heaven. Except poor Wyatt whose gums, and teeth were worse than we could tell the night before. After the swelling went down Ashleigh noticed it was really bad and ended up taking him to the dentist, so they were gone most of the day.

This was honestly such a great day!

Thursday was the wedding we had gone down for. Wes and Jaime went into Salt Lake early to attend the actual wedding in the Salt Lake temple. Ashleigh (who was worried about Wyatt's teeth) and I stayed back with all the kids... it didn't seem like the best idea to leave them all day. But we left a little after to join the rest of the group for the luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, which is an awesome building and it was a great lunch. Brinley and a neighbor boy babysat all 9 kids while we were gone (I did take Griffin with me though). My kids love when cousins babysit them. And besides the 2 year olds fighting a bit (which we knew would happen) all was well and went pretty smoothly.

We went back grabbed the kids, turned around and headed back to Bountiful for the beautiful wedding reception. Which was an absolute blast! Wes has a great family, so besides the awesome sorbet, there was tons of dancing and laughing! Again, such a GREAT night! And such a darling couple!

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