Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Purple Flash

Peyton started her first year of AYSO soccer this year. So far it's been a lot of fun, and she seems to enjoy it. Well, as much as Peyton enjoys things. Like I said before, she is cool as a cucumber with things and isn't one to show a lot of emotion. Whatever she is doing at the moment is what she enjoys. But, she is having fun. She is the youngest on the team and the only one who has never played before so it's a bit frustrating to watch. Especially when some of the other girls are in 3rd grade and have played a lot more than she has. But, all things said it is fun watching her play and improve day by day.

Her first game she was actually incredible. Wes and I were super impressed. She even scored a goal.... with a goalie in place.

The other 2 games we have played had girls who just towered over her and you could see her trepidation on the field and let's just say she played a lot more to how I anticipated she would in these games.

Regardless, I have so enjoyed Saturday games and watching her. And another proud moment was having Peyton pick out the team name. Girls came with ideas and hers was chosen. I love watching her among her peers and she really takes charge at times and I love watching her lead.

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