Thursday, September 1, 2016

On The Road Again

So we got home from Yosemite Saturday close to midnight. Unpacked and pretty much repacked for another vacation in Northern Utah.

The purpose of this little trip was 2 fold. First we wanted to go for Wes' cousin's wedding. The other reason was to visit his sister Ashleigh (and her family of course) who moved up there a few months back. So the fact we could do both was just the cherry on top.

And while it was a "visiting" trip we did a lot of fun things while we were there.

We left Monday afternoon, tooooook way too long to get to St. George and crashed with Wes' Grandpa that night. Poor Griffin had his first blowout at about Baker, so we stopped to change and feed him there, then continued on our way.

The next stop was planned. We stopped outside of Vegas to see the "art exhibit" 7 Magic Mountains.

It all started out good, but as we were walking around Jovie told me she had to pee. What I didn't realize was how badly she needed to pee. If you'll notice in the photos below her demeanor..... changes.

She goes from happy...... to a little concerned........ to just going pee.
And as we go to the car, Griffin poops out of outfit #2. My trunk at this point is basically a bathroom.

Onto dinner in Vegas at one of our favorite places, Capriotti's. We eat, and get back on the road. After driving for 30/40 minutes, I realize I left my diaper bag at dinner. We call, they have it, so we turn around. An hour and a half later we are back on the road. Luckily all the kids are asleep the rest of the drive and we pull into Grandpa's house close to midnight.

We unload the car, and kids, say goodnight to Grandpa (who was conked out waiting for us, who took about 6 tries to wake up).

 As I was getting ready for bed I look over and see a happy Jovie face looking at me from the room across the hall. Wes walks out of the bathroom (which is in-between the 2 rooms) so I motion to him to look over. He looks over and snaps a picture of "the face." Man that kid.

She was also the first one up, so she got up by herself made her way to the living room and just started having a conversation with Grandpa Gubler (one of her favorite people ever); also giving me one of my favorite memories ever. Wes and I laid in bed for about 20 minutes just listening to those two. It was so sweet. I don't know how but they understood each other surprisingly well. He also showed the girls some pictures on the wall and talked to them about Grandma. The whole morning was awesome. We went to breakfast together, hit up the temple, stopped at Swig on our way out and were back on the road.

And now for the rest of Tuesday.

We made a pit stop at the Payson temple on our drive up and walked around for a bit.

Then we actually drove around Provo since neither of us know that place really well. Wes took us to the apartments he lived in during his summer session at BYU and then we went to Bridal Veil Falls to play for a bit. It was beautiful and so refreshing to play in the cold water since it was such a hot day. Peyton must have been riding high from our camping trip because that girl just started climbing up the front of that waterfall. So Wes went up with her while Jovie, Griffin and myself hung out below and played in the water.
 Look at this amazing photo they got....

After our "hike" we got ice cream from the BYU creamery and then hit up a burger joint on our way back--- more on that for a "quest" post later (I know we did that backwards, but hey, it's vacay right?!). And finally we went to Ashleigh's house to play only to watch Wyatt crash on his bike and have a horrid injury, poor kid.

After that loooong day we finally hit the sack.

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