Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Boy's Room

We transitioned Jovie's room to a nursery for Griffin. I was actually truly sad to do so because change is so difficult for me. It meant my girl's are growing, and we had to get rid of sweet girly things they loved so much. But after all is said and done I love how his room turned out. Of course we aren't quite done with it, I still want to add his name somewhere and all, but who knows when that will ever happen.

The girl's now have a bunk bed which is basically a dream come true for Peyton. Jovie not so much as she would rather sleep next to Peyton. Ironically she complains that Peyton keeps her awake at night which is a bunch of bologna since Peyton falls asleep within seconds, while Jovie lays in bed, sometimes for hours, talking, or singing to herself.

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