Thursday, September 1, 2016

My 1st Born in 1st Grade

I realized I never wrote more on my sweet Peyton's b-day. And since I just got her 1st grade photos I thought I would write 6 things I just love about that sweet 6 year old.

Peyton Jane: 6 years old
47 lbs
47.25 in

1. Peyton loves her brother and sister. She is kind and attentive. I never worry about her being in charge of them because she is so loving. (Of course there are moments with Jovie, but they are truly rare and far in between). 

2. She is obedient and genuinely good. For the most part with Wes and I. But I have never heard anyone (friends parents, teachers at school or church, coaches, or anywhere else) say she is not obedient. She follows directions well, listens, then tries her best to follow through. 

3. When she is determined to do something she doesn't give up. When she wanted to hula-hoop she practiced until she got it. Same with jump rope, she was outside practicing until she had it down. It just has to be on her terms.

4. Her hair. I seriously have hair envy . The color and curls... I love it so much!

5. She is smart and enjoys learning. For fun she has me make up math word problems to do at home. And a game she plays at recess is Sun. When I asked what that was she said one kid is the sun, and the rest of them are planets that orbit around them. She reads really well, but only likes to read to Griffin, or Jovie if we pretend she is the teacher.

6. She is a super content, laid back kid. She is not dramatic a bit, is happy doing whatever it is she is doing at the moment, doesn't care what other people wear, play, or say; she does what she does and is happy. And she really is a happy little person. 

I love that girl and feel blessed she is mine. I have always said she was sent to me when she was and for a purpose, because I needed her then and she needed to be my oldest. And she is such a blessing, light and help in our home.

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