Saturday, September 10, 2016

"I Swallowed a Bug!"

If you can't tell we spent a good majority of our time in Utah out and about. It was just so much easier with all the kids to be busy, rather than listen to them (mostly the 2 year olds) fight when we were at home (it's just the age, as our sweet neighbor babysitter said).

So after a fun day being out and about on Friday, we spent Saturday morning doing more fun-filled activities. We planned on hiking to the Timpanogos Caves, but worried that the majority of our party might poop out, we opted for an easier hike not too far from Ashleigh's house.  It was a wise idea. The hike was beautiful and better yet pretty short. Which I am glad about because my lazy little Jovie was complaining 3 1/2 minutes into it. She made it and was pretty good once she heard the waterfall. She is impressive in her ability to get dirty I will tell you that much. That girl has a real talent for that. Peyton does well as long as she is with friends/cousins and they do well. I rarely hear from her when friends are around to be honest.

The only bummer was while we were there a lady we briefly spoke to had a rock fall from the top of the fall right onto her head. It looked gnarly and she had to be brought down by the fire department/paramedics. Super sad. I am just glad it wasn't from our kids who are known to throw rocks over the edge of cliffs often.

But, we had a great hike and enjoyed the cold water on a hot day.
Little puppy dog Jovie.
The boys also commented on how strong the water was hitting them and that between the cold and force it kinda hurt. Makes me respect Delanie and Brinley a bit more for doing it.

 After the hike we went and dropped Ashleigh off at home while her kids napped and pick up Sandie who had been watching them. Then we headed near the Provo temple to do some ice-blocking. You know you are near a bunch of college aged Mormons when the parks have signs up that warn you to be careful while ice-blocking or doing other water games. This activity was a real highlight for my kids who still ask to do this. And often refer to the time Aunt Jaime ate a bug... because yes, that happened. It was a perfect afternoon. The weather was fabulous sitting under the trees, and the ice-blocking was a blast! Besides the fact I nearly burst my bladder.
listen closely to Jaime at the end of this video
And even Griffin enjoyed the day

After all the fun, we headed back, showered, ate at Costa Vida (not as good as Cafe Rio) and started our journey home.

But man alive Utah, you sure were good to us.

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