Sunday, September 11, 2016


On our way home we stopped at both sets of Grandpa's houses.

First, 87 year old Grandpa Gubler who we spent the night with. When we woke up in the morning he had made us a great big breakfast. I can honestly say there are few people in this world I love as much as that man.
 I know the rest of my family feel the same. They constantly talk about "my Grandpa". They call my dad Boppie, and Wes' dad Papa, so he is Grandpa.

Then, as we drove through Mesquite we stopped to see my 87 year old Grandpa Bob (mom's dad). Wes has only ever met this Grandpa once when I was pregnant with Peyton, and he has yet to meet my children. I don't really know him that well as he has a "colorful" past and wasn't around  much. My mom's half brother, Walter, now lives with him and he really went all out to make us comfortable and welcome. I think he opened every package of food in the house for my kids. It was so sweet (be it a little unnecessary, but sweet). My Grandpa seems like he doesn't move much, and Walter who has had a tough life takes care of him. I think they are good for one another honestly. The whole visit pulled at my heart strings and made me grateful for the life I have. I have great loving parents, a wonderful loving husband, and smart, beautiful, kind children. I am blessed!!!

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