Monday, September 12, 2016

And Just Like That.....

Summer was done. If I could put a million sad faces here I would. I was so not ready for school to start. Our summer seemed like it had just started and I didn't even do a fraction of the things I wanted to. I miss my little Peyton when she is at school, and I am not going to lie, her school schedule sure is a bummer on our life style. But, alas, here we are. We've been back for about a month now. However, with that said, we had a great 2 months together and in a way (a very small way) being back in school is good to keep us on track and productive.

I wanted to post a few fun random photos from our summer that didn't make their own post.

Jovie is hilarious. With or without people watching, she is always performing, singing or playing make-believe. I wish I could always record her, because it is a joy to watch.

I try really hard to capture our "real" moments. They are usually my blurry pictures because once the kids see me taking a photo they pose. This is a pretty realistic view of my life. My kids never have clothes on at home, and are always huddled around Griffin (with a mess all around them). And usually with some sort of junk food in their hand.
Sweethearts sharing an entire pie?
One of my favs from the summer. 
Wes and Peyton helped out at the Ronald McDonald house in L.A. (where William stayed while he was so sick) with Danny and Sarah and both her family and mine. On the way home they found an awesome park and Wes pulled over to let Peyton play. The rest of us were going to go by Jovie started puking as we were preparing to leave.
 We swam more and played with friends.
 It was so hot, my kids lived in undies to keep cool.
 We spent a beautiful, warm night golfing together after Peyton did her golf camp. I should say we attempted to golf. Peyton said "it was too tired" after about 5 holes. I could only golf the first few holes because a baby fell asleep on me. And Jovie is Jovie, so...... let's just say she peed in the trees and cleaned everyone's balls multiple times.
 Here's another "real" moment. The girls were both ready to Griffin, and he fell fast asleep in between the two of them.
 More free food this summer thanks to the library's reading program.
 Pretty walks around our lake.
My kids live most of their life as either puppies, or babies or sometimes one of both. Here's what they set up for themselves one day.
 And more fun at pools.
And that about sums up our summertime fun.

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