Monday, September 26, 2016

A Day at the County Fair

It was that time again; county fair time! We may have played hooky to enjoy, but we went with a home school group so the way I see it my kids were still getting in some hands on education. It was another great, loooong (9 hours) day of fun!

 Peyton got chosen (without raising her hand.... that's not her thing) to go on stage and feed a baby goat. She was nervous, but really enjoyed it. Although she was sure to tell everyone she didn't volunteer.

 We were lucky enough to have members of both our families join us. My kids were in heaven with so many cousins there.

 Can you spot the kids at the turkey races? Front row.

 Cute cousins having so much fun!

 But Wes and I had a pretty good time too.

And what's the fair without fried food? Cotton candy, fried cheesecake bites, fried pickles. Yes, yes and yes.
 This was probably my favorite moment of the day.....

And Jovie literally waited all day long to ride the Ferris Wheel. I was happy to take my little mini on it.
 Peyton acted like she didn't like it, but I could tell that she did. She still won't admit it.

 And just some more fun random photos.

 Tuckered out after a long, fun, draining day. It was awesome!

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