Tuesday, September 13, 2016

1st Day of 1st Grade

And thus begins the all day school. Break my heart. And this little girl is just so cute I have a feeling she will be breaking more than just mine and Wes' hearts while she's at it.

We had a great date the day before school started shopping for her 1st day of school outfit, just me and her. I was initially going to take both Peyton and Jovie, but Peyton asked for a special one on one date and how could I resist?! And, we had the best time! She was a great shopping buddy, and loved getting a Juice it Up together after.

That night we did a fun dinner of Peyton's favorite things. Spaghetti (long noodles as she calls them) and Orange Julius. Wes gave her a Priesthood Blessing (Father's Blessing). We set her new alarm and bed early.
Peyt woke up super excited and did so good getting herself all ready in the morning.
We got a little lost finding her classroom, but made it in time to find her name tag and desk. She was so excited to have her own desk!
She got a little nervous sitting there and I could see some angst and trepidation, but when the teacher said to blow the mom's and dad's a kiss good-bye, she did it and I knew she would be just fine.
I picked her up and she was happy and bubbly. We started a tradition last year to get frozen yogurt after the first day of school and did so again so we could hear all about her first day. She didn't have much to tell, only that it was a loooong day and she was super tired;but I could tell she enjoyed herself and that school was definitely harder on me than her.

She loves school. Is happy to have some friends in her class. Plays tether ball, or tag most of the time at recess (which is her favorite part of school). And is having a great time so far and is going to be a very successful 1st grader I'm sure.
I had to throw in this picture of the 2nd day of school since she just had to have this panda shirt. She just had to.

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