Friday, August 26, 2016

Take 4: (Part 3)

Let's see here, where did we leave off? Ah yes, day 4.

After a fun day at the waterfall we went back to our new favorite place, which was just a short jaunt through the forest right next to where we were camping. A fun little place right by the river which had everything one could desire. A place to "white water raft" made by some other kind campers. A jumping rock. A place for the littler ones to play in the water without fear. Great snorkeling water where those who participated found the largest trout (maybe bass) they have ever seen. I was told it was comparable to those at Bass Pro Shop- I for one did not participate in this. We spent hours on hours over numerous days at this spot; everyone loved it so. It was a perfect place for our rambunctious family!
 As you can see Griffin fell asleep for a while so I was able to do some swimming/rafting. For the most part I was pretty laid back this week due to a baby being attached most of the time. Tis' the season, right moms? Wes happily took over whenever I asked, but I pretty much left the adventuring with the older two up to him.
 These are the brave souls who jumped off the rock. I was not among them. Did I also mention the water is run-off from the snow. Like 40 some degrees I think.

Like I said A LOT of our time throughout the week was spent here. And honestly if we asked the kids what they wanted to do, I think it was always a unanimous answer to go there.

Our last full day (day 5) we went back up to mirror lake and the "Indian caves" a little area where you can see where the natives lived, worked, cooked, etc. There are some caves to explore up there. Jovie decided to hang with me, Griffin, and some of the other moms and kids while Wes (and Ned) took Peyton and some of the big kids up into and on top of the caves to explore. Wes said Peyton just kept going and going, he was shocked and proud. Oh and they were decked out with face paint to "look the part" up there. (Thanks to Heidi and her smart thinking, the kids loved having their faces decorated).

Tiger girl and Kitty Cat
 Look how high she was! I have anxiety looking at this picture, which is why adventuring is left up to dad.

We spent more time at our river spot, said good-bye to the younger Todd family and then met up with the Brobergs to explore more of the park.

Like the Indian Village, where these kids took their roles very VERY seriously. Look at how the men protect their squaws. We also checked out the Visitor Center and round about areas.

 Wes and I agree that our favorite thing to do while in Yosemite is ride our bikes. It is arguably the prettiest place I have ever been. And it sure beats the crowded public trams everyone else takes.

Last post will be coming soon!

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Heidi Broberg said...

Ok this post was my favorite. The pictures are cracking me up. The indian village ones... ha ha ha so funny!