Monday, August 29, 2016

Take 4: (Last Day)

Our last day and all the fun random things!

The last day was pretty uneventful for the most part. We had to pack up camp, and have you ever tried tearing down camp with a 3 month old. Luckily we set up the pack n' play outside and he was pretty happy (and well visited).

The kids played UNO and "golf" (a card game) while we packed up. This was a VERY common occurrence during our time camping. We taught them the game while there and they would play everywhere we went (one of the older kids would carry the deck of cards around and they would find a table and all of them would park around it and play). I really wish I had gotten a picture of them playing at the village. All the kids around 1-2 tables playing. It was pretty darn cute.

Our annual bear box picture.


We then met up with the Brobergs to do the shuttle around the valley... the kids really liked riding in the bus. We ended back at Halfdome Village for some ice cream before leaving.

We left a little earlier than the Brobergs and as we were walking out the parking lot towards our car parked on the street we heard yelling so naturally we walked towards it. I saw a man chasing what I initially thought to be a big dog. Upon getting closer we saw it was a small bear. So again naturally we ran towards that too. It was awesome. We got to about 50 ft away and watched it stand on it's hind legs to look around. Apparently it had run up to a family picnicking hoping for some food. We walked by them and the poor mom looked as if she was going to faint. We were pumped to have that sighting. Our photo is pretty lame because my phone was dead and Wes was doing his one handed, holding Griffin and trying to go fast since the bear was being chased off. But, we were psyched none the less.
You can see his little face right there in front of the tree towards the left behind some bushes.

And we were off. Of course this part was not completely without incident as we were almost out of gas and the nearest station was about an hour away. We had to turn off the air and pray (literally) to make it. We did. Phew! The rest was a nice, easy drive home.

Some of the fun random photos of the week:

Griffin getting a "camp" bath in our bucket.
Look familiar? Peyton 2011:

There was the big boys who started with beards and ended with:

Griff and I spent a little time napping in our tent while the others played, which was alright with me.

Some cute ones of Griffin and the boys.

I guess that about sums up our trip. It really was another great one for the books!!!!!!

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