Monday, August 1, 2016

So Long.... Farewell

Over this summer we had to say goodbye to two of our really good friends.

The first was the Norseth family. Wes helped them sell their house so they could go back to their home state of Utah. I will extra miss them because they were the family we did a babysitting exchange with each month. And their little boy was the funniest little person. We will also miss cleaning the church with them on our months because it was almost always Clint and his kids, and Wes and ours.

Then the real tearjerker came when we said good-bye to the Jacksons. Which meant Peyton said good-bye to her BFF Gracie, and Jovie said good-bye to her BFF Charlotte. I also had to say good-bye to my BFF Gina. It was seriously sad. And try as I might I could not convince them to stay. Dumb Washington and their cheap cost of living, and job opportunities. We spent each morning at the park together after dropping off our Kindergartners.

A few of us girls got together one night for frozen yogurt. We stayed up until midnight talking. It was a good time.

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