Monday, August 22, 2016


July always tends to be our busiest (and in my world that means most fun) month. We have beach days, vacations, simple fun summer activities planned throughout the week and the days just seem to fly by.

I have a good friend whose husband is a police officer. I remember her taking her kids to the police station last year to drop off cookies to show her families appreciation for keeping our city safe. With all the controversy surrounding the police and the tragedies lately I thought it would be appropriate to do the same this year. So I called our local police station to set up a time to come in and bring cookies, and get a tour if possible. I let some of our playgroup friends know and it ended up turning into a field trip of sorts. Everyone came and brought some sort of treat and some even brought "thank you" cards. They let the kids try on some gear, and then showed off a police cruiser. Jovie got bonked on the head on accident by the officer with the heavy jacket so she wasn't too sure about that part. I called it police brutality but no one took me serious. I bet I could get the media to make a big deal out of it. I am also hoping that this was the only time my kids will have to sit in the back of a cop car; unless they run out of gas like I did once and find a nice officer willing to drive them to a gas station.

The fire department saw us standing outside waiting for our group to get there and was sweet enough to bring some fun things for the kids too.
 The police explaining their job, what to do, and how to do it in their break room.

It also turned out to be the same day as Peyton's golf class. So we went to golf, came straight home and picked up our cookies to bring to the police station. Had our tour with our friends and then headed straight to IHOP for their 58 cent short-stack day. One of the things both my kids love are pancakes so I couldn't resist. And luckily there was absolutely no wait. It was such a busy, fun morning!

Annnnnnnnd that same day was also "Cow Appreciation Day" at Chick-Fila. So after a few hours hanging out at home, we got all dressed up, and daddy joined us this time for our free Chick-Fila dinner. Lemme tell ya something about the Aleman family; if there is free food to be had, we are all over it!

And in my humble opinion, free fun is the best kind!

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