Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Long Drive

Remember how I mentioned climbing a tree after a long day in the car. It was a long day, but also kinda fun.

Wes had to go to Fullerton and Los Angeles to check out a few properties for an investor he is working with. We went with. We had hoped to do a fun activity or something in L.A. but ran out of time. So  most of our day was spent in good ole' L.A. traffic. But, the kids were awesome at least, and let's be honest once we put a movie on in the car they were just fine. And we did see some fun things on our drive.

We started off with summer movies. And walking through the mall with Boppie.

Then we drove. And drove. And drove. We saw the Hollywood sign, and downtown L.A. We drove through the Hollywood hills, and ended up finding out the property was not what we hoped. So, to make the trip somewhat worthwhile we took the girls to The Grove in L.A. and got them their first Sprinkles cupcake and walked around for a bit. It ended up being fun there. My favorite story from the day was when we were standing in line for the cupcakes. Wes was holding Griffin in the football hold (laying down horizontally facing out) when a gay couple walked by. They looked at Wes and Griffin and said, "Oh, look at the little muffin man." Wes and I died laughing. We now refer the Griff as "the muffin man." After hanging out for a while outside eating our cupcake and looking at multiple dogs, we started driving home, hit traffic and it was not as much fun.

And then hit up the park on the way home to get our wiggles out!!!

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