Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Bucketlist

My kids still keep expectations for things pretty low. Which makes my job as a mom pretty easy. So, when I asked them what were some of the things they wanted to do over the summer, their responses were:

Peyton- "Go SWIMMING!"
Jovie- "Climb a tree!"

I still don't know where the latter came from, but I figured I could check both those things off our list pretty darn easily. Well, too easily in fact. So I tried to dig for more. But only got "Okay, and the beach." Okay, I was sure I could do all of those things without a problem.

Swimming is the easiest seeing how we go almost every day in the summer to the pool in our association across the street. Also my mom playgroup meets weekly at a ward members house to swim. Annnnd, both Wes and I have siblings and friends who have pools who invite us over often to swim. I don't take a lot of photos because if I am in the water I for obvious reasons don't carry my phone on me. But, trust me when I say we have gotten lots and lots and lots of swimming in during the summer.

Jovie's too was pretty easy since I knew we had a park down the street with good climbing trees. So one day when we had been in the car a LOOOOONG time we stopped there on the way home to check this item off our bucket-list and let the girls stretch out a bit. They were seriously so good in the car even though we had been driving or stuck in traffic for about 7 hours. (Some pit stops during that time, but all 3 of them were exceptional). Jovie (who is deathly afraid of heights) cried when she got like 2 feet off the ground, but was brave enough to smile for the picture. I wonder why of all the kids she was the one who wanted to do that. She can't even climb the ladder to get on the top bunk of the girls bed. And yes, I am being dead serious.

And, we have tried to go to the beach at least 1 a week, sometimes more sometimes less. I love the beach and it's always a good time!

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