Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Date Night

A few weeks ago Wes and I took the girls out separately for individual date nights. Wes always takes Peyton out, and I usually have Jovie girl. So we decided to switch it up.

Wes took Jovie to Chick-Fila's daddy daughter date night with a theme of Pirates and Princesses, for a double date with some friends. They got all dressed up and headed out and had a fabulous time.

Since Wes has sworn off Shakey's Pizza for forever, and Peyton not only loves it but had a certificate for a free pizza and tokens, I decided that it would be a great night for the two of us (well, 3 of us---Griffin tagged along). I was right too, she told me "It was 100 million times the best night of my life!" They hooked is up with a cup full of tokens so Peyton had the time of her life playing games. Then at the end of the night they let her pick any prize she wanted, even though we were far from enough tickets. On our way home we stopped at Rite Aid for ice cream. Someone let us cut to the front of the line and Peyton asked me, "Why is everyone so nice to me tonight?" It made me so happy for her to have that moment and see the world could be good. It also made me happy to have such a great night with her, since she loves going out with Wes so much. It is so important for kids to have fun with mom too... I usually have to be the business one.

So overall, I would say we ALL had a fabulous night!

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