Saturday, July 9, 2016

2 months and a Blessing

 My little angel boy turned 2 months old on June 21. I call him my angel boy because he has the sweetest disposition. He is just the most easy going baby with the easiest smile. He started to smile a lot this month and even gave us his first laugh on June 15th. He talks and coos at us, and loves to be cuddled. He does pretty well on tummy time too, and holds his head up really well. He started sleeping through the night from like 8(ish) to 6 am almost every single night now that he is a tummy sleeper. He may be my best, most consistent sleeper so far and I love him all the more for it. He has chubbed out a little too, which I love. He takes a pacifier so even if he is a little fussy I can give him that and he is good for at least a few more minutes until I can feed him and he almost inevitably falls asleep. He still sleeps pretty much all day and all night. Did I mention he was such an easy baby?! He loves to take baths, and I will sometimes lay with him in our big bath tub and he just kicks away like crazy. This kid has my heart with his BIG eyes! I just love him.

2 month stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 4 oz
Height: 23.5 in
Head: 15 3/4
His 2 month photo

About a week and a half after his 2 month birthday, on July 3rd to be exact, he was given a priesthood blessing by Wes. It was a sweet blessing and the spirit hit me strong. As many good stalwart men surrounded him and laid their hands on his head I was given the impression that though the world is ugly, and people are losing their way like crazy, my children have come at this time to our family for a purpose. I can already see how smart and strong they are and will be, and that they were saved for now. But, I was also given the impression that a lot of how they will turn out depends on our home and how and what we teach them. While many people, and the world will attempt to pull them away, I have to give it my all to teach them right from wrong and to hold strong to the truths that I believe in. Griffin will have to overcome and not only resist but fight so much evil; but that priesthood blessing was a promise that the Lord is aware of him and he has so much on his side. Wes also bore a powerful testimony of the strength of the priesthood and spirit and what it means to him, and I am grateful my children will grow up in a house with a father who will guide them with power and purpose. I am blessed to be married to that man! I am blessed to be the mother of beautiful, wonderful children! It was a great day full of love and support from family and friends and for that I too am grateful!
 (above is before feeding, below is after)
 Even Wes' 86 year old Grandpa made the drive from St. George to be her for Griffin's blessing.

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