Saturday, July 30, 2016

Charlotte's Web

A few weeks before school was out the girls, Wes and I started reading Charlotte's Web together before bed. We finished the week after school got out. After it was done we bought the cartoon version of the movie and decided to watch it so they could visually see what we had read. I was shocked by how much Jovie retained. I knew Peyton would love it. It reminded me of my childhood, I use to love that movie too. It was a fun activity and I hope to read more together as they get older.

The Long Drive

Remember how I mentioned climbing a tree after a long day in the car. It was a long day, but also kinda fun.

Wes had to go to Fullerton and Los Angeles to check out a few properties for an investor he is working with. We went with. We had hoped to do a fun activity or something in L.A. but ran out of time. So  most of our day was spent in good ole' L.A. traffic. But, the kids were awesome at least, and let's be honest once we put a movie on in the car they were just fine. And we did see some fun things on our drive.

We started off with summer movies. And walking through the mall with Boppie.

Then we drove. And drove. And drove. We saw the Hollywood sign, and downtown L.A. We drove through the Hollywood hills, and ended up finding out the property was not what we hoped. So, to make the trip somewhat worthwhile we took the girls to The Grove in L.A. and got them their first Sprinkles cupcake and walked around for a bit. It ended up being fun there. My favorite story from the day was when we were standing in line for the cupcakes. Wes was holding Griffin in the football hold (laying down horizontally facing out) when a gay couple walked by. They looked at Wes and Griffin and said, "Oh, look at the little muffin man." Wes and I died laughing. We now refer the Griff as "the muffin man." After hanging out for a while outside eating our cupcake and looking at multiple dogs, we started driving home, hit traffic and it was not as much fun.

And then hit up the park on the way home to get our wiggles out!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


My boy turned 3 months old at the end of July, the 21st to be exact. To say this kid is a gem would be a HUGE understatement. I love my boy so much, and he deserves every amount of love he gets. He sleeps through the night almost without fail, usually from 9-6am. He almost never cries. Sure the occasional "feed me" grunt, which is easily remedied. He can roll from tummy to back, but not back yet. He loves to be carried and held and will almost always just sleep the moment he is fed and picked up. He is the smiliest and most verbal little man. He loves to stand up on our legs. If he is grumpy you let that kid stand and he gets a pretty instant smile. He enjoys being outside, likes bike rides, being in the carrier or the stroller. He wears a pretty solid 3 month size. He basically sleeps through everything, including 2 days of fireworks. And they were loud. He is just basically the most easy going kid.

Griffin is a great kid. This last month was a fun one for sure. It just keeps getting better. Plus, just look as this face. Oy! I love him.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


We had some fun "firsts" this summer. Like:

First time at Vince's Spaghetti in Ontario. It's kind of a staple of the area. Drab as it may be, it is definitely a place to go. I don't think it has changed in 40 years. I grew up going, as did Wes; so it is only fitting we take our kids too.

Jovie gave her first talk in primary. It turned out so cute and lemme tell ya, that girl is NOT shy. She LOVED it! Wes helps since I have to teach 3rd hour and sometimes can't get there right on time. He whispered to her and for this particular talk they had Peyton help by putting on clothes that had symbolism to her talk subject; the 4th article of faith. (Gloves for baptism by immersion, laying on of hands with the hat, etc). She was chosen randomly to give another talk just 2 weeks later and the leaders were going to give her a break, but she was bouncing with excitement so they just had to let her do it. During that talk she sang "I Love to See The Temple" and spoke of her eternal family and made most of the primary leaders cry. I love her sweet spirit, and really believe the innocence of children and the faith they have is to be emulated. I am grateful to teach my children through the spirit.

Jovie had another not-so-fun first. Her first fat lip. 

We tried out some fun new hairstyles for the first time.

And Griffin went to the beach for the first time (and has since gone 4 or 5 more times too). His whole life is basically a first. That's one of my favorite things about having a new baby is experiencing everything again for the first time with them!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Date Night

A few weeks ago Wes and I took the girls out separately for individual date nights. Wes always takes Peyton out, and I usually have Jovie girl. So we decided to switch it up.

Wes took Jovie to Chick-Fila's daddy daughter date night with a theme of Pirates and Princesses, for a double date with some friends. They got all dressed up and headed out and had a fabulous time.

Since Wes has sworn off Shakey's Pizza for forever, and Peyton not only loves it but had a certificate for a free pizza and tokens, I decided that it would be a great night for the two of us (well, 3 of us---Griffin tagged along). I was right too, she told me "It was 100 million times the best night of my life!" They hooked is up with a cup full of tokens so Peyton had the time of her life playing games. Then at the end of the night they let her pick any prize she wanted, even though we were far from enough tickets. On our way home we stopped at Rite Aid for ice cream. Someone let us cut to the front of the line and Peyton asked me, "Why is everyone so nice to me tonight?" It made me so happy for her to have that moment and see the world could be good. It also made me happy to have such a great night with her, since she loves going out with Wes so much. It is so important for kids to have fun with mom too... I usually have to be the business one.

So overall, I would say we ALL had a fabulous night!

Friday, July 15, 2016


Some of our best friends just recently moved to Washington. We were so sad knowing they were leaving and wanted to soak up as much time together as possible. Well, they invited our girls over for a late night (which is kind of like a sleep over, without the sleeping over part). Last minute their mom called and said she couldn't do it until like really late (9ish) because she had to pick her son up from scout camp that night. I knew my girls would have been devastated to have to cancel, so rather I decided to host it at our house. Win-win for everyone. And since I was having 2 little girls over I decided we could add 2 more for fun. We are pretty lucky to have quite a few friends that have kids that match both my girls ages so they love hanging with their individual sister-friends together. We picked up popcorn, soda, ice cream, candy and a movie for a fun pajama late night party.

Every girl came over beaming and as excited as if I had said we were going to Disneyland--- maybe even more so. They loved snacking and chatting. Well, Peyton didn't appreciate everyone chatting so much as she takes laying and watching movies VERY seriously. But, it was so fun, and I got major cool mom points for doing it.

Fishing For a Night Out

On one of the first nights of summer as I was putting Griff to bed Wes decided to take the girls out for a fun night of fishing at the lake across the street.

Sadly they didn't catch anything but June-Bugs, but they did all have a great night out. What was one of their favorite parts of the night you ask? Oh, playing with the hand dryers in the bathroom. Bunch of weirdos. How lucky are these kids to have such an amazingly fun daddy?!

 Catching June bugs, something they look forward to every year.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Feed the Birds

I love this video of miss Jovie feeding birds. She is truly the most brave child when it comes to animals. I love it. Actually she is just pretty fun, and brave with most things. She will try anything and has a lot of spunk to her. This kid is the best comic relief!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

2 months and a Blessing

 My little angel boy turned 2 months old on June 21. I call him my angel boy because he has the sweetest disposition. He is just the most easy going baby with the easiest smile. He started to smile a lot this month and even gave us his first laugh on June 15th. He talks and coos at us, and loves to be cuddled. He does pretty well on tummy time too, and holds his head up really well. He started sleeping through the night from like 8(ish) to 6 am almost every single night now that he is a tummy sleeper. He may be my best, most consistent sleeper so far and I love him all the more for it. He has chubbed out a little too, which I love. He takes a pacifier so even if he is a little fussy I can give him that and he is good for at least a few more minutes until I can feed him and he almost inevitably falls asleep. He still sleeps pretty much all day and all night. Did I mention he was such an easy baby?! He loves to take baths, and I will sometimes lay with him in our big bath tub and he just kicks away like crazy. This kid has my heart with his BIG eyes! I just love him.

2 month stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 4 oz
Height: 23.5 in
Head: 15 3/4
His 2 month photo

About a week and a half after his 2 month birthday, on July 3rd to be exact, he was given a priesthood blessing by Wes. It was a sweet blessing and the spirit hit me strong. As many good stalwart men surrounded him and laid their hands on his head I was given the impression that though the world is ugly, and people are losing their way like crazy, my children have come at this time to our family for a purpose. I can already see how smart and strong they are and will be, and that they were saved for now. But, I was also given the impression that a lot of how they will turn out depends on our home and how and what we teach them. While many people, and the world will attempt to pull them away, I have to give it my all to teach them right from wrong and to hold strong to the truths that I believe in. Griffin will have to overcome and not only resist but fight so much evil; but that priesthood blessing was a promise that the Lord is aware of him and he has so much on his side. Wes also bore a powerful testimony of the strength of the priesthood and spirit and what it means to him, and I am grateful my children will grow up in a house with a father who will guide them with power and purpose. I am blessed to be married to that man! I am blessed to be the mother of beautiful, wonderful children! It was a great day full of love and support from family and friends and for that I too am grateful!
 (above is before feeding, below is after)
 Even Wes' 86 year old Grandpa made the drive from St. George to be her for Griffin's blessing.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Bucketlist

My kids still keep expectations for things pretty low. Which makes my job as a mom pretty easy. So, when I asked them what were some of the things they wanted to do over the summer, their responses were:

Peyton- "Go SWIMMING!"
Jovie- "Climb a tree!"

I still don't know where the latter came from, but I figured I could check both those things off our list pretty darn easily. Well, too easily in fact. So I tried to dig for more. But only got "Okay, and the beach." Okay, I was sure I could do all of those things without a problem.

Swimming is the easiest seeing how we go almost every day in the summer to the pool in our association across the street. Also my mom playgroup meets weekly at a ward members house to swim. Annnnd, both Wes and I have siblings and friends who have pools who invite us over often to swim. I don't take a lot of photos because if I am in the water I for obvious reasons don't carry my phone on me. But, trust me when I say we have gotten lots and lots and lots of swimming in during the summer.

Jovie's too was pretty easy since I knew we had a park down the street with good climbing trees. So one day when we had been in the car a LOOOOONG time we stopped there on the way home to check this item off our bucket-list and let the girls stretch out a bit. They were seriously so good in the car even though we had been driving or stuck in traffic for about 7 hours. (Some pit stops during that time, but all 3 of them were exceptional). Jovie (who is deathly afraid of heights) cried when she got like 2 feet off the ground, but was brave enough to smile for the picture. I wonder why of all the kids she was the one who wanted to do that. She can't even climb the ladder to get on the top bunk of the girls bed. And yes, I am being dead serious.

And, we have tried to go to the beach at least 1 a week, sometimes more sometimes less. I love the beach and it's always a good time!