Thursday, June 16, 2016

Start Spreading the News....

"Start spreading the news, we're leaving today, we want to be a part of it, first grade! First grade!" Or rather fwirst grade, fwirst grade... being that Peyton still struggles just a bit with that "R" sound, but boy is she cute! It's official I now have a first grader, which is really quite sad to me. It means we now have all day school, and are officially in grade school. In all honesty we all ended up loving kindergarten. Sure the schedule and having to be somewhere everyday is not my favorite. But I truly can't say enough about how much Peyton loved being in school. She loved the kids in her class, genuinely adored her teacher and learned so much. I don't know how they do it but those teachers are awesome, she came home with so many new tricks and knowledge. Every night when I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, almost without doubt she would respond with "school". If I asked what part, she would say "All of it!" It was a great first year and experience, and the fact she loved it so much made me feel good about her being there. Still sad about how she is growing out of the cute little toddler stage, but it's fun to see her succeed and thrive in a real life environment.
She had her end of kindergarten performance and awards assembly the last week of school which she practiced for every day. I got teary eyed watching that sweet girl of mine sing about moving past kindergarten and I still feel a little emotional thinking of it. She also got to have a special speaking part (was 1/4 in her class that got to do that) and I found it funny her part was "R is for remembering everything we learned," because remember how I said she struggled with her r sound. But she practiced and practiced and got pretty darn good at saying it perfectly. And then the actual assembly came and she delivered her part but the microphone wasn't really working so we couldn't hear her at all. But she stood and said it proudly and with confidence and my heart was bursting for her.

She received 2 academic awards for being in the top of her class for reading and hitting all the core standards for kindergarten. And later that day she got a special bag and book for reading the most books at home with us. We read over 400 books together this year. Nana and Boppie came to watch her sing and brought her this cute balloon and she was ecstatic over it!
 Peyton and her BFF Gracie
 And this is a fun group of kids she also goes to church with. And of course the little siblings who are always around with them too and have their own little group going.
Yes, I'm a little depressed over the fact she is growing up, but really she is finding success and pride within herself and isn't that really the whole purpose of being here on this earth and it is actually fun to watch her grow up. I love this sweet girl of mine and am grateful she is healthy, happy, smart, kind, and beautiful inside and out.

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