Friday, June 3, 2016


A few weeks before the end of school (which I still need to get to), Peyton's school had an outdoor movie night. We packed up our chairs, popcorn, candy and drinks and headed over. Right away Peyton spotted some friends from her class and parked herself near them. Jovie (the stereotypical little sister) did likewise. Actually they love being together and ended up sharing a seat most of the time. Let's just be honest, give those two enough junk food and they don't care what is happening; but this was truly a fun night. And a cool night. My little mister just hung under the nursing cover all night snuggled up to me... I enjoyed that part too.

Getting those 2 all ready for the movie... Wes and I had a little date night behind them. 

This one got so chilly towards the end, she came and shared Wes' sweater.

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