Monday, June 6, 2016

Pardon the Randomness

It's random picture time for the month of May!

I've been having way too much fun trying new hairstyles on the girls. I still have a lot of learning to do, but they are just starting to let me practice.
 The girls always want me to take their picture as they hold Griffin... or Griffy, or Griff or Finn, or Finny or one of the many many names he already goes by.
 Most of the 100+ pictures I took this month look like this. And are primarily of this boy. It is easy to see I am smitten.
 Go Noodle exercises. They love them and even I get in an ab work out as I laugh watching them.
 More of the girls and their bro.
 But still with an occasional selfie thrown in.
 Now just keep imagining 100 more like this.
 Cute cousins 21 days apart.
 Mr. Logan James Aleman
 And the cousins with Aunt Ashleigh
 And Aunt Jaime
 And sweet cousin Trenton
 Wes at the Dodger game with Ryan, Nate and an affectionate friend.
 This is life. Baby on the shoulder and bags under the eyes. I love it! Well, I could do without the bags, but heck... I'll take it, cuz' I love the little man who was keeping me from sleep.
 The end of May also meant the end of homework. Wes and Peyton getting it done. Marshmallows for each page completed usually meant the week packet was done by Tuesday.
 And we took Wyatt with us to the outdoor mall to ride the train and try to play in the splash pad.
 Splash pad was closed so we tried to improvise... we were quickly asked to refrain! (P.S. these 2 are 28 days apart and a good 20 pounds).
 More selfies of me and my boy.
 Jovie has been obsessed with writing her alphabet. It's pretty cute.
 Jovie--- the actress.
 And this one is sure to give you nightmares.
 Day date for Wes, Jovie, Griffin and myself. This place is always slammed, had good reviews, and I will not be returning. Fried, grease and fish. No thanks.
 Fun game of hide-n-seek led to this cutie
I still have a few more posts from the month. But basically our month could be summarized by a million pictures of Griffin with a few of the girls thrown in. He has taken the house over! All of us can't get enough of him. Peyton is constantly complaining that since she has school she sees him the least and it is simply not fair. Boy do I love these kiddos of mine. I want to bottle up this time as each of their ages is just spectacular. I feel like I am the luckiest person alive. Just throw in a million dollars and I would want for nothing. ;)

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