Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Memorial Day '16: The Long Search for a Donut

We had to change our plans last minute (due to illness and precaution for baby boy), and because (like rookie parents) we had already told the kids of our fun plans with cousins, I felt a lot of pressure to make our new plans equal to if not more fun than what we had planned. I think it was a pretty fun day... and I think the kids would agree.

We started the day with Bravo Burger bacon breakfast burritos, which are one of our favorites and some errands. Weirdly enough I love errands, truly I do.
 After that we headed to the Tyler mall for glo-mini golf. It was perfect for my kids ages. It wasn't really mini golf in the traditional sense, but they loved it and it was quite a novelty place to go. I wouldn't go for just adults though.
 Jovie even got a whole in one!!!
 After mini golfing we headed home and had popcorn and watched The Jungle Book and relaxed for a while. And ended the day with a 45 min drive around town looking for a donut shop that was open. 4th one is a charm!

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