Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The first week.............

This cute little guy is truly SUCH an easy baby!!! He eats (a lot), grunts when he wants more (no crying), poops (more than he eats--- if that's possible), poops some more, and then spends the rest of his day sleeping or hanging out contentedly the times he might be awake. He has slept on me at nights, which helps him sleep pretty well actually. The times I put him in his own bed has not been as good, but I really can't complain. As I have spent my last week and a half recovering, I have had so much time to cuddle this boy. He is truly the sweetest and I've been in heaven. He prefers to sleep on my chest the best... or Wes' of course. I just love him so much. I have also loved dressing this kid in blue. Such a new experience for me, and I love it! It has been a good, good week.

This kid is so cute and chill
 This is the new norm... they always want to be right next to him. Which is hard because they both got fevers, and snotty noses this week. Which is awesome with a brand new baby.
 We also gave him his first sponge bath, which he liked. What he hates is being undressed/naked, and even more so being lotioned. That was for sure the hardest he has cried since he has been home.
 His favorite place... sleeping in a ball on our chest.
 Such a happy, proud big sister.
 And such a happy baby
 We were visited by cousins, family and friends this week.
 Tug might be my favorite because I had no idea or clue he would love a baby so much. He typically won't give me the time of day, but he sat on my bed, just the 2 of us, for about 30 minutes just so he could be closer to the baby.
 Brody was suprisingly cute and loving too. He just kept reaching up to hold and see the baby..."baby, baby."
This sweet girl put this gift together all on her own. She is seriously the sweetest ever. I particularly enjoyed the fact she thought to bring me a Diet Dr. Pepper. Most people who have visited were sweet enough to bring me my beloved soda. :)
 This was a sweet moment. Both girls have taken on the job of reading stories to the baby every night.
 Cute girls with Nana.
 Sad we didn't get photos of everyone else who visited this week, because we were shown love by a lot of different people and it has been super sweet.

Speaking of super sweet...

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