Sunday, May 22, 2016

Keep Em' Busy

Since this recovery has been a little hard on my body and I couldn't do much with the girls for the first few weeks (poor things got so bored at home) I've tried to find fun things for Wes to do with them. I hate not going out with them and enjoying these activities, but it's important for me to just take it easy... or so I keep telling myself.

The first thing he did with them was the Chino Airshow. Jovie in particular was so excited for it. Every time she sees a plane in the sky she assumes it is practicing for an airshow. I love how much she talks about that still. We weren't planning on going to the show, but a friend of ours was giving away tickets so Wes and the girls went with his brother Patrick and his boys. My girls loved going with them and had such a fun time together. They told me most about how the twins would sit on their laps during the show. I think that was their highlight. But, they sure were cute and happy coming back and telling me all about it!

Home Depot's kid's craft day where the girls made little bird feeders. They had a lot of fun, and did such a good job. Can't wait to take them back there again.

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