Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2 Weeks In...

I thought I would do a brief update on life. Baby boy will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and oh, I love him so. And why haven't I updated more? Well, if truth be told there just isn't a lot to update.

I am just starting to feel "normal" again health wise. I do really well after baby comes mentally. In fact I would go as far as to say I get almost euphoric. Sure, I am tired; being that I have been woken up every 1 1/2-2 hours.... more recently about 3 hours each night. However, my hot hubby has taken excellent care of me. Like better than I could imagine, and far better than I deserve I am sure. He does the cooking, cleaning, taking care of the girls (which includes drop off and pick up of Miss Peyton, as well as her clothes and hair every morning). On top of that he lets me nap as long as I want during the day, he frequently sends me and the baby up to my room to just rest quietly, and he is working all the while. And work has been SUPER busy for this guy, so basically he is superman or super-dad or super-husband.... whatever you want to call him, I think he is just super. I sure love that guy.

As an update I am going crazy being in the house all day. That is something I am not good at. Just hanging out at home drives me bonkers. I need to get out. However, my body disagrees. Each time I feel good and do more than I suppose I should, my body lets me know. Either by hurting or bleeding lots and lots. Then my lesson is learned.... at least for that day. I usually push myself too hard or pick up one of the girls the next day and relearn the lesson.

So my days consist of letting the girls play beauty salon on me, watching TV in my room but almost always cuddling a sweet baby boy. Or nursing him. Or changing a poopy diaper. It's usually the last 2. But, he loves to sleep, and he loves sleeping on my chest, which makes me a happy mama! He is definitely in the running with Peyton of being the most easy going baby we've had so far. He sleeps, ats and poops. He poops all. the. time. Jovie does not get to be in the running for easiest baby... sorry kid. The girls simply adore everything about him still too, which is just darling.

We have done lots, and lots (and lots) of doctors appointments.... all routine. Except his circumcision when he was a bleeder. That was not fun, and because of the bleeding we were there for about 3/4 hours. It was a loooong day at the doctors. All better now. His umbilical cord fell off just in time for his newborn pictures, which we took yesterday and I am so excited about those.... thanks to my BFFs Jill and Taryn for the photography gift. Have I mentioned what a bunch of wonderful friends I have?

We literally didn't cook for about 2 weeks thanks to family and friends bringing in meals and coming to visit. It has been awesome! So many people dropped by gifts. The clothes have been especially useful or this boy would be rocking a lot of pink.

So, while I am kinda, sorta ready to get out and start living again, I know this new reality (3 kids) will take some getting use to. Infants are hard with all the nursing they want to do. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this alternate reality where I do nothing but love on my baby.

My pictures are kinda lame.... like I said, he sleeps a lot. Like a lot!

The girls LOVE brushing his hair
 And he seems to tolerate them
 Daddy does too... though he makes Griffin look a little, um, ridiculous
 Lots of pictures of a cute sleepy boy, with chubby cheeks and big kissable lips
And even when he isn't sleeping, he is super chill and sweet.
Jovie asked us to take her picture while we were at the doctors office for Griffin. She plays so well alone, which is good, because like I said, this was a looong appointment and we were trapped in a tiny room.
 Our Utah cousins surprised us with a fun visit and dinner one night.
Yes, it really has been a good 2 weeks.

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