Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We didn't go anywhere big for spring break but I tried to do something small and fun everyday for the kids because I felt like a big failure during Christmas Break when we were sick a lot and did absolutely nothing. So be it the park, an at home activity or something like getting a Slurpee we did something most days. And it was fun. The best part is that we had 2 weeks to just be home together relaxing and it was awesome. Sure, we have had to adjust back to a school schedule, which shouldn't be hard, but kinda is, but that's ok. I am glad we had some time together before our world is really rocked with the baby coming.

Some of our fun activities:
All of Easter and those things I wrote about here.

The kids playing weird made up games together. And that first week we had awesome weather, which I can't fail to mention.

Because it also meant we had an absolutely fantastic beach day.

A few fun family hikes in the area.
Like this one in my parent's backyard one night with the Todds where we rebuilt our cairn.
 Wes said "ladies, strike a pose." So I gave my best sultry, swollen, prego look. Nailed it!
And this other area I saw recently driving that I wanted to go explore that ended up being really neat and beautiful with a lot of wildlife around us.

Peyt has been dying to do some science experiments so we made dancing gummy worms, and of course did the mentos/diet coke explosion. They loved the idea, though the results were less than thrilling in reality.

Our lake let's guests take our paddle boats during summer and spring break so we did that one day. And lemme tell ya... that was one heck of a work out for Weston B. and me.

The girls accompanied me during my visiting teaching and took a little break at one of the houses.

We used a pass we've had for over a year to a trampoline park, which was super fun until Wes thought he broke Peyton's leg.
Luckily after an Emergency Room visit we found out it was just a sprain. It was rough there for a minute. However, crutches have been her dream so it all worked out well.

We made, decorated, and delivered sugar cookies for friends. Oh, and we ate a lot of them too.

We had a fun day in the park until the rain hit.

And finally Wes and I got to go on a date to the temple while our kids played with some friends we do a babysitting exchange with. Win-win!

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