Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our "Hoppin'" Easter

Like most of our holidays Easter was a multi-day celebration... just the way I like it!

Starting with some crafts we put together for the house, this one in particular was my favorite:

Then there was our association's Easter Egg hunt, lunch and party. Which by the way is so fun! Plus they do a HUGE raffle where I swear every family wins at least once.... twice in our case. Score! Jovie really got into the egg hunt this year too which was funny to watch. They separated the kids by age groups for hunts. Her group was 2-4 year olds... but I think Jovie got 50% of the eggs. Peyton ran into a friend from her class there and the two of them were quite envious of Jovie's loot. My dear sweet husband was given the task of getting Easter bunny pictures of our kids this year, and I am a little disappointed with the results. I made him go back a second time too because the first time he had 3 girls in the picture, mind you we only have 2. Men.
 First Easter bunny picture. I asked to see them, and was like are you kidding me? You didn't get one of just our girls? He couldn't understand my unhappiness.
 So it was followed up by the squint twins.
 Peyton claiming our first raffle win with her friend Kendra.
 And Jovie got a lot of "ahhhhhs" as she smiled for the camera after claiming her prize.

Saturday morning we dyed our eggs. It was a lot of fun this year as both girls were pretty self sufficient and got really into making them different colors, and designing their own fancy ones.

Then my sweet in-laws did our Aleman family celebration that Saturday since so many of us couldn't come on Sunday. (This was a Todd year since we switch off every other year with most major holidays). It was again of course a lot of fun! My kids are in heaven whenever they are with their cousins.

Sunday we woke up before church and hustled to do our own little basket hunt. Nothing huge at all, no big breakfast. Just something fun and simple before heading off to church.
And then again after church we headed over to my parent's house with cousins to have a nice dinner and yet another egg hunt... as if the kids needed any more candy. //sigh// Somehow I didn't get many photos this time around, but it was a good time!
 I love action/running shots. Too bad Ryan Hamilton doesn't have any running shots, we think we need to re-teach him how to look for eggs because I am pretty sure Jovie had more of a killer instinct than that kid. In his words... "I'm just not a good looker."

Of course throughout the weeks leading up to Easter we would talk about our Savior, the atonement and resurrection. We watched some videos as a family to remember the real meaning of Easter so that my children would not think Easter was just about eggs, bunnies and hunts. What a wonderful thing to remember the atonement and the sacrifice of our Savior on our behalf at this time of the year!

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