Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March Airbase Airshow 2016

I was pretty stoked to see the airshow back this year being that it hasn't happened in about 4 years. My kids were as excited as I was. And the show didn't disappoint. It was pretty windy that particular day, and we could only watch robosaur from a distance since it took so long to get into the base (that was what we were most excited about). But we had fun looking at the huge military planes, watching the trick planes in the sky, and we loved the patriot planes with the colorful smoke. What we didn't enjoy was the loooooong line to get into the nastiest porto-potty I have literally ever been in. The heat. And the pressure on my pelvic bone. But, I have a wonderful husband who carried a chair around all day for his very pregnant wife. And my good friend just gave me a new stroller that the kids loved and fell asleep in. It was a great day. But, boy oh boy were we beat by the end of the day.

 We had to hold up this vest on Jovie it was just so heavy. Her knees buckled when we first put it on her. They were the cutest thing ever in these and got a few "ah's" by people passing by.
 Jovie kept asking for Wes and I to hold her even though we had the stroller. Naturally we refused, but Peyton was more than willing to hold her and carry her around.
Robosaur!!!! The girls could watch everything from a distance and loved the fact it breathed fire.
 Inside one of the big cargo planes.
 And just a cute little girl.

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