Sunday, April 3, 2016


Growing up my mom was pretty good about fooling us every April 1st. I remember salt and sugar being mixed up at breakfast. Or the lid of the salt being loosened to get us as we poured. She sent us to school in slings, with make-up black eyes, and things like that. I remember staying in character all day too in order to keep the joke going. One year (the arm sling year) was Principle's P.E. day when you have to do a lot of physical education to earn honors or whatever, and I was so sad to not participate; but I really didn't want to let the joke die. My kids wouldn't really understand a lot of the jokes I was thinking of, but I did want to fool them somehow and age appropriately. And so I finally came up with something about halfway through the day and felt like it was a pretty solid April Fools.

I told them we were having cupcakes for dinner. So I sent them to watch a movie (they usually are right by my side as I make dinner so I had to rid myself of them somehow) and I did make cupcakes--- just savory ones.

I cooked meatloaf in a cupcake pan, and made instant mashed potatoes that I put on like frosting with green onion sprinkles. Honestly they were so pretty, but they tasted better than normal too. I loved doing it in the cupcake pan because each one stayed juicy and good.

Peyton was skeptical the whole time, so she wasn't quite as fooled. Jovie (my junk food lover) was so excited for her cupcake and sooooo disappointed with meatloaf and mashed potatoes! It was a pretty funny joke though. ;)

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