Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cute Cousins, Awards, and Some Weirdos, ETC.......

March brought many, many fun moments.

We had a particularly busy week right around St. Patrick's Day.

We started by driving down to San Clemente for cousin Trent's (aka Tug's) 5th b-day. He really wanted to do a rock climbing party, and Jaime (being the ever ingenious mother she is) remembered their trampoline park had a rock climbing wall. The best of both worlds! It was actually one of (if not thee) most fun trampoline parks we have gone to. It also had a mechanical bull, jousting, along with all of the actual trampoline areas. A big plus was the cute little worker Jovie really took a liking to and followed around as she moved from station to station. She would sit and play with her at each new area the girl was working. The only downside would be the pizza... I literally can not remember having pizza so unappetizing. Don't worry Cafe Rio came to the rescue.
 The cute 5 year olds.
 Peyton and her buddy building up the blocks just to knock them over.
 Delanie took it easy on Miss Peyton and it was a loooong jousting session.

Peyton that same week had her 2nd awards assembly. She again got the Principal's Award for being one of the top readers (which is a small group of kids) as well as the award for hitting all the core Kindergarten concepts (with most of the kindergartners). She was happy to get 2 pencils again and was so surprised to see Nana and Boppie there.

Right after the assembly her class had their Easter Egg hunt and activities. I had been planning on staying and helping out but Peyton was really set on her daddy helping this time. And since his schedule allowed it, he did. It is times like this that make me ever thankful for his job. Because boy oh boy it can get stressful being your own boss and working on commission only. But, there are so many perks that make it worthwhile......... most of the time. 

The very next day (St. Patrick's Day) her school had Open House. So we headed back to the school where Peyton excitedly showed us everything she has been working on this year. Don't tell her, but I've seen most of it before being that I usually help in the class once or twice a month. She bounced around and showed us everything. We didn't stay too long (we were hungry for our green dinner at home) but just long enough to play at the school park with some friends and enjoy the cool evening.
 I had to include this photo because of the verbiage "pups" being used here. Every assignment at school or at home includes "pups." Not puppies, not dogs, and when I ask about it she simply informs me she likes the word pups. Cracks me up.
Here she is saying she likes the color "purple" because it is like grapes and her bear (at home she has a purple bear she sometimes sleeps with).
 Walking back to the car, flying the kite she wrote in at school. I love the area.

And just a few funnies of my little weirdos. One night as I was making dinner I glanced over to the playroom and found these two like this. I cracked up as I was taking the photo. They knew they were pretty funny and wouldn't look at me, but kept grinning at each other. Apparently they were playing "baby leprechaun."

Also, another funny thing to note: Since I am a mean mom and won't let my children have a dog of their own (yet) we borrow our neighbor's dog and take it on walks on occasion. In my opinion it is a win-win. We get the fun parts of the dog, and none of the work.

And that gets us through about half of March.... so much still left to write about.

P.S. This is the second time I wrote this darn post, so I am sure I left out a lot of details, but I was pretty perturbed having to write this again as it is.

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