Sunday, April 17, 2016

ABB: April Before Baby

Before our baby came this is what the month of April looked like.

Gettin' our love in... that one is our affectionado
 The girl's used their own money to buy "Tsum-Tsums"... did I spell that right? I'm thinking most of them are lost already but they were in heaven for the 2 days they knew where they all were. That right there is why I dislike using my money to buy stuff like that. But with their own money they can buy whatever they want.
 They dolled up their dolls. Bows for everyone!
 Wes had to go do some BPO (real estate work) out in Banning and so we decided to surprise the girls with an extra 15 minute drive to see the PeeWee's Big Adventure dinosaurs. Boy were they happy with that surprise! So glad we did it!!!
 A family in our ward (who have a little girl Peyton's age) have some horses on some land right down the street from us. We've taken the girls a few times to explore the farm, pet and lead the horses and just enjoy being outside. The girls LOVE it there and it is so fun to watch them run and explore!
 Speaking of animals and love, we were asked to help dog sit a little pug, Gracy. She needed to be taken out daily for a potty break and Jovie loved helping me do that.
 Oh and we found numerous ladybugs at the park in the morning after dropping sis off at school.
We ate our lunch outside because the weather has been spectacular.

 And had more farm days. This was the day before I went into labor... wondering if walking the hill up and standing around put me into labor.
 Or maybe I went into labor from all the laughing that happened at a surprise baby shower my good friend Gina threw me. It was suppose to be just a regular girl's night in, so I went in an AC/DC t-shirt, sweatpants (my belly may or may not have been hanging out the bottom) and no make-up. So needless to say I was indeed surprised! Oy vey! My pictures are the worst, but I was having contractions pretty much the whole night so I was not all that worried about pictures.
 And this is the only photo I have of me and Gina even though we hang out every single day. I love this girl and am grateful for her!
Jovie discovered the joys of helping with laundry. I am not even allowed to help, I just watch her work. Teach em' young.
I have one other day of us at the airshow that happened near us, but since I have so many photos I will do it's own post.

I think you know that after baby came my camera consisted of almost pure photos of baby. Sorry other kids.

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