Tuesday, April 19, 2016

March Airbase Airshow 2016

I was pretty stoked to see the airshow back this year being that it hasn't happened in about 4 years. My kids were as excited as I was. And the show didn't disappoint. It was pretty windy that particular day, and we could only watch robosaur from a distance since it took so long to get into the base (that was what we were most excited about). But we had fun looking at the huge military planes, watching the trick planes in the sky, and we loved the patriot planes with the colorful smoke. What we didn't enjoy was the loooooong line to get into the nastiest porto-potty I have literally ever been in. The heat. And the pressure on my pelvic bone. But, I have a wonderful husband who carried a chair around all day for his very pregnant wife. And my good friend just gave me a new stroller that the kids loved and fell asleep in. It was a great day. But, boy oh boy were we beat by the end of the day.

 We had to hold up this vest on Jovie it was just so heavy. Her knees buckled when we first put it on her. They were the cutest thing ever in these and got a few "ah's" by people passing by.
 Jovie kept asking for Wes and I to hold her even though we had the stroller. Naturally we refused, but Peyton was more than willing to hold her and carry her around.
Robosaur!!!! The girls could watch everything from a distance and loved the fact it breathed fire.
 Inside one of the big cargo planes.
 And just a cute little girl.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

ABB: April Before Baby

Before our baby came this is what the month of April looked like.

Gettin' our love in... that one is our affectionado
 The girl's used their own money to buy "Tsum-Tsums"... did I spell that right? I'm thinking most of them are lost already but they were in heaven for the 2 days they knew where they all were. That right there is why I dislike using my money to buy stuff like that. But with their own money they can buy whatever they want.
 They dolled up their dolls. Bows for everyone!
 Wes had to go do some BPO (real estate work) out in Banning and so we decided to surprise the girls with an extra 15 minute drive to see the PeeWee's Big Adventure dinosaurs. Boy were they happy with that surprise! So glad we did it!!!
 A family in our ward (who have a little girl Peyton's age) have some horses on some land right down the street from us. We've taken the girls a few times to explore the farm, pet and lead the horses and just enjoy being outside. The girls LOVE it there and it is so fun to watch them run and explore!
 Speaking of animals and love, we were asked to help dog sit a little pug, Gracy. She needed to be taken out daily for a potty break and Jovie loved helping me do that.
 Oh and we found numerous ladybugs at the park in the morning after dropping sis off at school.
We ate our lunch outside because the weather has been spectacular.

 And had more farm days. This was the day before I went into labor... wondering if walking the hill up and standing around put me into labor.
 Or maybe I went into labor from all the laughing that happened at a surprise baby shower my good friend Gina threw me. It was suppose to be just a regular girl's night in, so I went in an AC/DC t-shirt, sweatpants (my belly may or may not have been hanging out the bottom) and no make-up. So needless to say I was indeed surprised! Oy vey! My pictures are the worst, but I was having contractions pretty much the whole night so I was not all that worried about pictures.
 And this is the only photo I have of me and Gina even though we hang out every single day. I love this girl and am grateful for her!
Jovie discovered the joys of helping with laundry. I am not even allowed to help, I just watch her work. Teach em' young.
I have one other day of us at the airshow that happened near us, but since I have so many photos I will do it's own post.

I think you know that after baby came my camera consisted of almost pure photos of baby. Sorry other kids.

Spirit Week

Peyton had spirit week the week our baby was born... oh, didn't I mention we had our baby on the 21st?!!??!!

I think we had such a busy, crazy week this kid just couldn't stay in any longer!!!

Peyton's fun spirit week included:

Mustache Monday:
 Twinner Tuesday (with some other girls in her class who are also in our ward) Isley, Megan, Peyton and Gracy:
 And Jovie and Charlotte couldn't be left out on any of the fun so they joined in every day too... cute little besties.
 Western Wednesday:
 Think-cap Thursday:

And on what should have been Fancy Friday we were in the hospital with a baby and the girls were at Grammy and Papa's house.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Shortly after my birthday we get to celebrate the love of my life! Weston to the B. had his birthday and similar to mine it was all business until the evening. Sure, we did breakfast in bed, then he worked and did all the other un-fun stuff until that night when we met up with some family members at Red Robin for dinner.

Wish I had a group picture, but apparently I failed to get one.... *slaps forehead.

The girls also had a lot of fun looking on pinterest for gift ideas for their Daddy. I was not surprised they went the candy route. It also took all my patience watching Peyton write it all out. Like talk myself down patience.
And don't judge that my kids are almost always in undies. We can't nap in clothes obviously.

I just can't say enough about the good man I was soooooo lucky to have married. I got one of the BEST!!! He is just the sweetest, kindest, patient, and loving men I have ever been blessed to know. To know Wes is truly to love him. And I love him with all of my heart!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Earlier this month (the 8th) I turned 31 years old!!! Yikes sometimes I still can't believe that I am getting, dare I say... old? Now I am not by any means implying that early 30s is old. It is just that I feel like I am still in my early 20s, and now that I am in my 30s with nearly 3 kids, it still baffles me is all! Plus I feel like I am still not really ready for all the "adulting" that comes with the territory. I really, really, REALLY don't like responsibility, but alas, I am 31 and it comes with the age.

Now even birthdays get a little less fun with age. Most of my day was just normal everyday stuff. Taking Peyton to and from school, playing with Jovie at home. Dishes, laundry, cleaning, you know the drill. I did get breakfast in bed from my handsome hubby and darling girls which I shouldn't fail to mention. Wes didn't say anything about doing anything until about 1 in the afternoon where he said he had some plans and wanted me to be ready at about 5:00. Try as I might, I could not get more info from him either. I even tried to use Peyton as a spy, but he wouldn't say a word. So on that rainy evening he drove me out to Claremont where we ended up at Buca Di Beppo, which I thought was a funny place for Wes to choose. But the big surprise came as we entered and most of my family was there. Surprise!!! I am very pregnant and therefore a little hormonal and almost got a little emotional as I walked in to see them there. I truly wasn't expecting anything, and to have them all come was a very fun surprise. So, I obviously had a great birthday! One year older, and hopefully wiser too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We didn't go anywhere big for spring break but I tried to do something small and fun everyday for the kids because I felt like a big failure during Christmas Break when we were sick a lot and did absolutely nothing. So be it the park, an at home activity or something like getting a Slurpee we did something most days. And it was fun. The best part is that we had 2 weeks to just be home together relaxing and it was awesome. Sure, we have had to adjust back to a school schedule, which shouldn't be hard, but kinda is, but that's ok. I am glad we had some time together before our world is really rocked with the baby coming.

Some of our fun activities:
All of Easter and those things I wrote about here.

The kids playing weird made up games together. And that first week we had awesome weather, which I can't fail to mention.

Because it also meant we had an absolutely fantastic beach day.

A few fun family hikes in the area.
Like this one in my parent's backyard one night with the Todds where we rebuilt our cairn.
 Wes said "ladies, strike a pose." So I gave my best sultry, swollen, prego look. Nailed it!
And this other area I saw recently driving that I wanted to go explore that ended up being really neat and beautiful with a lot of wildlife around us.

Peyt has been dying to do some science experiments so we made dancing gummy worms, and of course did the mentos/diet coke explosion. They loved the idea, though the results were less than thrilling in reality.

Our lake let's guests take our paddle boats during summer and spring break so we did that one day. And lemme tell ya... that was one heck of a work out for Weston B. and me.

The girls accompanied me during my visiting teaching and took a little break at one of the houses.

We used a pass we've had for over a year to a trampoline park, which was super fun until Wes thought he broke Peyton's leg.
Luckily after an Emergency Room visit we found out it was just a sprain. It was rough there for a minute. However, crutches have been her dream so it all worked out well.

We made, decorated, and delivered sugar cookies for friends. Oh, and we ate a lot of them too.

We had a fun day in the park until the rain hit.

And finally Wes and I got to go on a date to the temple while our kids played with some friends we do a babysitting exchange with. Win-win!