Monday, March 21, 2016


A few weeks ago I posted this on my Instagram: "Today I found true delight in the Sabbath. Was truly uplifted and fed during our ward conference, where I was reminded of who I am and the purpose of this life; which gets lost so many times by the pressures of the world. I was taught by imperfect people the truth about my perfect savior and his gospel. Then after a wonderful, long and needed nap, my family (me included) got out and enjoyed the beauty of the world, and each other. The most important thing I will ever have in this world (and after) is my eternal family and what a tremendous gift that is. All thanks to my savior and his sacrifice and grace. I will endure happily to receive all that is promised. ‪#‎comewhatmayandloveit‬"

And you know what I meant every word.

Every week I am able to attend church I feel uplifted and edified. I learn something new, and my testimony is strengthened. In the last year or two, I have had some personal experiences and heard the struggles of others that have caused me to reflect on where I am and what my feelings are about the gospel and my personal feelings of what I think and know. The result is I have contemplated more, prayed more, read my scriptures more and grown closer to my Savior because of it. I realized recently I have had some incredible experiences feeling the spirit that I could never deny. I have been touched personally by the priesthood through blessings and know that it is truly a gift my Heavenly Father has given me. I am grateful for this. It strengthens me through trials and has helped me endure hardships. Since Easter just passed and we have been talking a lot about the atonement and resurrection and I feel even more gratitude recently for my Savior. I know what is asked of me, and what is required. I am grateful for the temple and the beauty that comes to my life when I attend.

I will do whatever it takes to keep the happiness that is my eternal family always. These photos were taken on that particular Sabbath and epitomize the joy of the day.

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