Friday, March 18, 2016

Luck O' The Irish

Ai, we had a fine ole' St. Patty's Day around these here parts. The one thing my kids love and look forward to every year (because it's the only thing we do) is have green milk thanks to the visiting leprechaun. Peyton blames every mess in the house on him, but I am not so sure he does it all. Works out well for lazy parents though. And I shouldn't say the only thing is the green milk because we had a fun dinner of clover raviolis from Costco (which were green), brussel sprouts, and shamrock shakes (sprite and rainbow sherbet). Despite the fact I didn't take any photos of our fun dinner, it was cute and the kids enjoyed it.

Peyton also got to do a few fun activities for school, which she showed us. Some actually had to be done at home, like building the dang leprechaun trap. Thank you Pinterest is all I have to say. Peyton had 2 weeks to do it, and reminded/nagged me constantly, so hers was the first one turned in 4 days after receiving the assignment. She definitely does not take after her mom and dad in the procrastination department... much to my dismay.
Peyton thought it was so funny when she walked out of class wearing this hat and I acted like I didn't recognize her. It's those funny moments with younger kids that I will miss the most. They are so cute and funny and love the simplest things. Plus I am still funny to her now. I will miss that too.

And, thanks to a mom in our playgroup who puts on an annual St. Patty's Day party, we got to do a fun treasure scavenger hunt and pizza party at a park with all of their friends. It was a great and very warm day!
 The girls and their besties. Gracy Jackson
 Charlotte Jackson

And this last photo I have to throw in, not because it was taken on St. Patrick's Day, but because, well... I think it is pretty obvious, right?!

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