Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Like most schools, Peyton's school celebrated reading and Dr. Seuss' birthday this past month. Luckily for us parents, it wasn't a big deal and not a big hassle--- phew. Yet, it got her excited, which is all that matters.

The first day was "As green as the Grinch", where kids were asked to dress green.... looked like St. Patrick's Day, but that didn't come for another week or two. We borrowed a green wig from my parents, and Peyton wore Jovie's 2T pajama pants. I think we made it work pretty well. Peyton for days and days was sooooo excited about the wig. She kept talking about it and telling the kids at school about it. When it came to actually wearing it that day, she was so not into it. And insisted she DID NOT want to wear it. I didn't want to make her and have her go to school uncomfortable so I told her that was fine. About 5 minutes before we left she came downstairs with it on and was as happy and giddy as she could possible be the whole way to school. She jumped out of the car, greeted her friends with a maniacal laugh and was a little out of control with happiness once we got there too. I am glad she made the choice on her own and embraced it!

The next day was dress like your favorite Dr. Seuss character and after I went through some of the books and characters with her she chose little Cindy Lou Who. I completely forgot about the costume until I came home that day from seminary (to everyone still sleeping) and had about 5-10 min to come up with something. I showed her some photos online (tried to convince her to do her hair crazy like the live version girl, which she would have none of) so we went with the classic look the best we could. Not bad for having such a short amount of time if I do say so myself. She was happy with the look, although very bugged when I picked her up from school and she informed me all the kids were calling her giant ornament we made a cherry bomb. To be honest, it totally looked like one, and I couldn't help laughing which also bugged her a bit.

We had a few days off, where the school did some class activities. I never really heard too much about those to be honest though.

The last day, which I don't think was anything special, ended crazy as there was a crazy person near the school (in their own home) having a standoff with the police and the school went on a "soft" lock down. Parents had to go through the office and pick up kids at the end of the day and no one was released without a parent present. Her school gets out at 2pm, Wes went to pick her up, and after waiting in line and getting her wasn't home until after 3:15ish. I think the lock down was a little unnecessary, but better safe than sorry I suppose.

The photo Wes sent me--- it went way farther back than you can see in the photo. Luckily we always get there relatively early so Wes was somewhat close to the front.

Life has changed so much since she started school. Freedom is gone for our little family a little, but it has been replaced with her excitement for school, which I suppose is a good thing. I suppose.

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