Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I feel like I don't post about our "everyday" often enough. Like how Peyton wakes up to watch the old school Super Mario Brothers show everyday before school. And how Jovie wakes me up each morning at about 7 waving her underwear in my face for help after she goes to the bathroom--- sneaky little ninja has freaked me out on more than one occasion when I open my eyes to see a funny little face literally inches from mine. How the two have switched a bit; where Peyton tends to be my more moody one as of late, and Jovie is typically nothing but incredibly pleasant all day long. She is a great friend to have around all day. Seriously, so pleasant, sweet and fun. But, how sweet they are almost all of the time to me, and how wonderfully they continue to play together each and everyday. Don't get me wrong, we have moments. Probably on the daily. They just happen few and far between... most of the time. I should write more about how the trampoline we got for Christmas has been the BEST investment. In fact, as I was writing this sentence they ran out to play on the it. And how they have a slight obsession over marbles as of late. I am lucky that my girls really aren't moody for the most part. They rarely cry, and are such sweet girls with such good dispositions. I still am holding out hope this continues on into teenage hood. I love them dearly. Like with the addition of each new member of this family I worry about how this new one will fit in, what kind of personality they will bring, but I am also so excited to meet them and have them bless us in ways we can't even imagine. I know I need to post more about this pregnancy, I am just so so so much more busy this time around that I haven't focused too much on the pregnancy, have no photos of myself, and have done absolutely nothing to prepare as of now. It's cool, I still have 6.5 more weeks. But I need to write how sweet life is.

So for this post, I wanted to post this funny little video which captures how these two play all day long. Wes thinks I am crazy for feeling so guilty letting them play together without me. I feel like I need to do more with them, but he assures me that they have a good healthy childhood and this is what siblings should be for one another. I suppose he is right, but how do I have so much time to myself with two young kids? I guess that will be changing here in the next month and a half, so I should just enjoy it while it lasts.

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