Thursday, March 3, 2016

Beach Camping

Over Valentine's weekend my family (minus the Hamilton's--- who had a hockey tournament) beach camped at Doheny State Beach. To say my girls were excited was a huge understatement. Our car was about as packed as it could be, bikes, tents, etc... but we were pretty pumped.
We spent the first night setting up, enjoying the last moments of sunshine, and good conversation around the fire. Then Wes and I spent a miserable (seriously miserable) freezing night sleeping in our tent. Everyone else was smart enough to rent an R.V. for the middle of February... except us. Luckily, the girls slept like champs, while Wes and I shivered and shook the night away. We had to figure something else out for the future nights.
The next day we spent biking around town. Trying to get to the tidepools... big bust which left this preggo mom hurting and grumpy! Luckily Rita's Water-ice was nearby and helped my mood- ice cream usually does. We picnicked, and rode around some more. It was a beautiful day and we were pretty tired at the end of it.
Heidi handing out snacks to all the little pests. "Mine, mine." (Finding Nemo style)
At the "tide pools"--- or the 3/4 mile walk across rocks at the "tide pools"
We ended that day playing at the water too. Well, the kids did... it was a little too cold for most of us adults who opted to hang out on the sand. Obviously minus Ned.
The kids, and Wes, spent a lot of time in Nana and Boppie's RV playing Uno. Most of the kids had never played before... that was madness to us. I also think we went through about 2.5 of those tubs of licorice in the 3 days we were there.
Other sand games were played too. Like ladder golf, tag, etc.
Uncle Wessy like always was a kid magnet. I can never blame the kids for choosing him... I think he is pretty spectacular myself.
We opted to sleep in the RV with Nana and Boppie Saturday night. I could not spend another night in that freezer. My sweet babies started off the night like this, and by the end of the night Jovie somehow had turned herself around and was sharing a pillow with Peyton. Cutest ever.
Sunday we rode over to baby beach from our campsite and spent a spectacular day (in the middle of February mind you) playing in the sand, water, on paddle boards, and Danny and Ned snorkeled to find some sea slugs/cucumbers. Again another fabulous day.
My parents had to leave after a nice Valentine's Day dinner together as a whole family! My mom's brother had passed away and she needed to get home in order to fly to Florida for his funeral. It was a great night all together laughing and listening to crazy uncle Danny's bad jokes and antics. "What kind of bee makes milk instead of honey?........"
That night we moved everything out of our car into the tent and moved our air mattress into our car to sleep in for what we hoped would be a better (read warmer) night. Peyton, Wes and I slept on the mattress while Jovie slept at the end on her pad. It was probably the best nights sleep we had the whole time we were there. And now we know we can always bunk in our car if necessary.
 Monday we rode our bikes with the young Todd family, to Denny's for an awful breakfast... the service, the food, you name it--- well the company was good at least. The rest of the day (sadly I failed to take even a single photo of the day due to a killer migraine) we spent with our Huefner cousins (from the other side of the family) swimming and playing at their community pool. Another fabulous day! We waited out traffic and headed home.

It was a great long weekend, but I am not going to lie, I was stoked to take a shower, use my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed! Best part of beach camping is the house was extra welcoming!

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