Wednesday, March 16, 2016

35... Finally a little Update

Yup... I'm still preggo! Remember my pregnancies with the girls and how good I was at updating here and keeping an account of my feelings, body, etc? Yeah, I have slacked this pregnancy. I really  haven't written much of anything and not just here, I mean anywhere.

So my brief update:
-I am currently a little over 35 weeks... meaning a little less than 5 weeks left! Ca-razy! The date is set folks.... APRIL 25TH!!!!!
-I did my first thing this week to prepare for the baby to join us. I washed some of my gender neutral clothes! Boom!!! I also cleaned out the office closet that I will be moving over Jovie's stuff too as we prepare her room to become the nursery and move her in with Peyton. And that is it guys. I still need a car seat, stroller, and pretty much everything else. But, in reality as soon as we have a car seat I could technically be ready for the baby. I mean newborns don't need much if we are to be honest. Unless of course this baby is a boy, in which case I have about 3 outfits that I could use. And a number of white onesies. :)
-Speaking of the gender...we are anxious to meet this baby and see what it is. Peyton keeps begging me to find out and is not happy with the factoid that she has to wait to come to the hospital to see for herself. This alone is entertaining because I didn't think either kid would care. They both want and think it is a boy. I too think it is a boy, based on the fact that I was so sick in the beginning of this pregnancy which was completely new. However, Jovie and Peyton's pregnancy was so different from one another that I shouldn't base it on that. This baby is also waaay more active in me and strong. The kicks are crazy painful, but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the movements. I LOVE and relish when I feel this baby move, it is my favorite! I don't remember the girls moving so much, but again, it could just come down to forgetfulness; which is very possible and probably the case. The last reason I think boy is the heart-rate is a little slower, which is usually an indicator of boy.... but who knows. Wes is pretty confident it is a girl, because he has thought we would have all boys and has been wrong every time. We really don't care obviously, but it would be fun to see what a boy of ours would be like. The good news is that we know we make cute, nice little girls so it really doesn't matter.
-I feel large and very unattractive, which I think is normal for most women at this time. But it does make it hard to feel happy sometimes. Just being honest. I hate the feeling, and keep reminding myself I can get back to normal after baby comes. But for now, it is hard.
-And if I am to be honest, the largeness might (totally does) just come from the fact that this has been a YOLO baby. I thought being pregnant over the winter would be nice because of weather and such. And in that way, it has been. However, I think I have eaten more chocolate in the last 8 months than I have in the last 8 years. My diet has consisted of Snickers bars (which would be the #1 thing I have craved and given into... no help from Wes) and cookies. Holiday food definitely did not help, and I was not very good at resistance. Ere go, I know I will have my work cut out for me here in a month of two. P.S. I am not even sure I know how much I have gained but I am think about 30 at this point.
-Jovie has been surprisingly darling with this pregnancy and my belly. She is the most anxious for this baby and asks all the time when it is coming. She will come daily to my belly to talk to the baby and give it hugs and kisses, as well as push it around a bit to get it to wake up.
-I don't know if I ever wrote about it, but I know I felt the baby move for the first time in my 18th week. And Wes felt the baby kick twice at 19 weeks, which is always fun when you can start sharing those moments and movements together. This baby without missing a beat moves like crazy between 11pm-12am... I always know the time based on it waking up and moving like crazy.
-This week I have started to have some back and pelvic pain, but really I have felt so good most of the time. No complaints. I am happy to be doing as well as I am being busy with the two little girls I have.
-I pee a lot... which isn't uncommon for my life. But a little annoying during the night. Besides that I sleep well and am still doing almost everything I want... though of course I get a little more out of breath doing things like going up and down stairs or going on walks. And by like 6pm I usually hurt pretty good and have to start laying down more.
-Bending over to tie shoes or pick something up is the worst.
-For whatever reason all the "pregnancy" attention and talk is a little more annoying than it was with my other 2 pregnancies, but I think that comes down to my insecure feelings... see above.
-But really, I am so happy to be carrying this baby and blessed to be the home for it right now. There is nothing sweeter than knowing I have my baby growing inside of me. I can't wait to meet this little person and love on it for the months it can't resist my constant hugs and kisses! I know I might be tired and grumpy, but it is so worth what I get in return!
20 weeks
 26 weeks... on our cruise
 almost 29 weeks
 35 weeks
P.S. See what I said about making cute girls? I just love them so!

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April and Jason said...

I think you look GORGEOUS! You really do look amazing. I love that you keep the gender a surprise every time, but I must know how you do it. Do you go out and buy all the clothing after the baby is born, or do people usually give you stuff for the baby? If everything else gender neutral? I don't know if I'm ever having a fourth baby (if I do, it will have to be when Blake is older), but I really think I might want to have it be a surprise...again..IF I have another one, lol