Monday, February 29, 2016

Valentine Loves

On actual Valentine's Day we were camping at the beach with my family, which was great. However, with kids it is always fun to do a little something special. So of course, we decorated the house a bit, Jovie had a little playgroup party with our friends, and Peyton had a little party with a Valentine's exchange at school. It wasn't our fanciest Valentine's Day, buuuuut we still had a lot of fun, and the girl's were still pretty happy about how it all went down.

I wasn't at Peyton's school during her party (thus no photo evidence)... we were leaving the next day for camping and I was super busy trying to get us all ready. But, she came home excited, and with lots of love from her friends. Her highlight was getting the paid for school grams from 3 different friends at school. This mom wasn't even aware that was an option.

I did get these cute photos though as we were taking down decorations... I know I may be just a little bias but man these girls are cute!

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