Friday, February 19, 2016


We have been having quite a fun time babysitting "babies" as we prepare for our own to join us in about 9 weeks. My girls are the BEST helpers and I am so excited to see them in action as big sisters. They are so helpful, kind and patient.... for the most part that is. Jovie sometimes loses her cool when she has a toy taken away or wants what they have, so I am pretty sure we will have some work to do.

A few weeks ago we had our twin nephews spend the night as their mom and dad had took a little pre-baby get-a-way. She is due about 2 weeks after me. The twins were actually surprisingly easy going... well everywhere but at church. They were not thrilled to be there. It was a funny Sunday as Cody would not go in the room with all the people, and both my girls decided they would share their testimonies that day, so Easton joined them and me on the stand as I helped them. He was a trooper. The two boys switched places in nursery where Cody was pretty happy and Easton was not having it. Once back at home, they were both back to their happy little selfs again.

Peyton could often be found reading to the boys. Well, for as long as they would sit with her.
It was a tight fit in the tub, but they made it work.
 And it was a good thing there was 2 of them, because my girls were very adamant about helping and there would have been tears if they each could not hold a hand.

We also watch a little boy for a couple of hours 2 a week. We do have some fights over who gets to hold him and give him his bottle. Luckily, things have calmed down a bit since we first started. But this only child is probably overwhelmed with all the love and attention he gets from these two each time he comes around.

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